is there such a thing as a 4pin BT adsl filter...

olack, May 24, 11:01am
Is there such a thing as a 4pin BT adsl filter...hehe...what I mean is. the SkyTV man installed a 4pin telephone single port filter for the digital decoder and I figured a 4 pin adsl filter may be a a bit dandier that a 2 pin adsl filter for the router seeing as the 4 pin filter the Sky guy installed is doing better than the 2 pin filter. I'm only guessing the 4 pin filter is doing better because the faster speeds are also happening because we discovered we should use the burgular alarm thats installed with the splitter and the all the gear involved with that to get the faster connection speeds.

0800xford, May 24, 11:05am
BT - bit torrent or BT - british telecom? :p

pheonix, May 24, 11:08am
When the telephone line coming in is only 2 wires, I would like to know what black magic is used. Either co-incidence, has replaced a faulty filter, has made a better connection when terminating the wiresthe possibilities go on and you will find the other 2 wires in the plug (if there at all) will not be connected to anything anyway.

olack, May 24, 11:10am
Lol, last time I asked about this I didn't know the filter was a BT filter, I still don't know. But I htought the BT was the adsl filter but DSE listed one as a BT but the socket in it was for a telephone connection. I am interested for the router adsl socket. 2 doesn't seem to be

olack, May 24, 11:15am
Roger that it...

pheonix, May 24, 11:25am
BT is short for British Telecom , who designed the plugs and jack points that we all have on our walls. The clear plugs are usually referred to as RJ11 , RJ12 and RJ45. RJ12's are the ones used commonly on the filters so as to not mix up the phone type connections (BT) and the ADSL modem connection (RJ12). So theoretically, a non-technical person can't get it wrong. The filter inside the plastic box part is between the phone and the wall socket point (BT). The modem connection (RJ12) is wired directly through.

_whatever, May 24, 11:27am
Duh @ from the context of the question you fail. Isn't it past your bed time?

intrade, May 24, 9:07pm
I wonder where you get a splitter from and anyone got a picture of what it looks like? I would rather install a splitter on my place then them filter things but non are ever listed on tm you would think they would list em just like filters?

intrade, May 24, 9:10pm
Ah found a auction do they all look like this? Auction Number: 156287515

flick13, May 24, 9:38pm
That auctionis for a master filter. What that will achieve, is it will give you a dedicated ADSL jackpoint in your house. This means you wont need filters on any other phone jacks for your phones. But it also means you are restricted to plugging in your DSL modem into that special jackpoint only. So if you ever want to move to another room, you'll have to leave the modem where it is.

spyware, May 25, 12:15am
You talk twaddle olack, maybe you could come to the realization that adsl modems or routers don't need filters - the only reason you may have one is to convert the rj11 plug (which will NOT fit in wall socket) to a BT plug. So instead of using a filter for this purpose go to Dick Smith and get an F9123 adapter. Your router will now plug directly into the wall. Bettter still have a master splitter/filter installed to isolate your existing phone wiring and provide a dedicated adsl outlet. Your isp will arrange this but it does cost real money.

0800xford, May 25, 1:01am
hey thanks for your comment whatever =)

olack, May 25, 1:16am
Well, the burglar alarm has a large filter in the telephone wall socket. So I need to plug a single RJ12 adapter into there for the router adsl connection. Then move the telephone to another telephone socket in the house and put a filter in that socket...BTW 0800xford, was ok.

olack, May 25, 2:03am
And, the telephone does need a filter ...even though there is a splitter installed because the internet connection rate drops to 64kbps or 96kbps everytime we disconnect the adsl/RJ12 filter from the telephone socket and with it connected we get a 1200kbps connection rate.

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