Vodafone Vodem-Wireless Internet

michael555, May 24, 10:45pm
Vodafone Vodem-Wireless Internet Hi,
I am thinking on going to Vodafone Wireless internet using their vodem as being rural this is one of the few ways to get 'broadband'.
Going by their website I can get coverage for 2.5g only. Does any one else use broadband this way and more importantly what is it like?

chocolate16, May 24, 10:58pm
Imon the telecom data card works in a similar way, It depends on your cell coverage if you have good reception on your cell you will get good reception on your computer.
My friend is on the vodem and she had problems for abot 7 months of the first year and got no compensation for it, i had one problem and they fixed it right away and compensated me for the 3 days loss of it. I do recommend the telecom one its great, but it also depends on the cell tower closest to you

_sexylady_, May 24, 11:03pm
Data cards that work via the cell phone network in general get 20% less coverage than a mobile phone, if you are only getting 2 bars or less signal on a mobile phone then i would not recommend a data card (anything 3 bars and above however on a mobile and a data card should be fine to work with half decent speeds). this holds true for both networks.

madwok13, May 24, 11:04pm
My partner's got a Vodem and it sorta works ok. She had lots of problems with it initially & was eventually replaced, better now. But it seems to be expensive and doesn't work in some places we visit quite often. I on the other hand have got a Telecom one and it's great, with much better coverage too. (we only use them when travelling or away). Like Chocolate says, depends on your reception.

_sexylady_, May 24, 11:06pm
However in saying this IF you intend to use it in the taranaki region/use it away from just your home, forget voda - the coverage around there is crapalthough i hate to recommend telecom in taranaki you don't have much option....

michael555, May 24, 11:47pm
Cheers! Not all reception around Taranaki is crap. Around the coast it's terrible for both. I am near Stratford and the receptions good for Telecom and from what I remember when I did have a Vodafone mobile the reception was ok...here's hoping that it's improved since then which was about 5 years ago. The guy at Voda said I should at least get speed 5x faster than dial up

eventpro, May 24, 11:48pm
I have a Vodafone data card I mainly use it at Otaki Beach, which has crap reception. I got the card rather than the vodem on advice from both Vodafone and my hardware supplier. The card has significantly better performance than the vodem in marginal areas.

eventpro, May 24, 11:54pm
Also If getting a card I recommend the Huawei E800. It's an express card, but worth getting with the adapter even if you have a PCMCIA socket. This card way outperforms the previous one I had.

michael555, May 24, 11:55pm
Data cards I don't think I can use a data card on a desk top computer only the vodem

lanternfish, May 25, 12:01am
I've got a friend who is working on the Tcom and Vfone 3G systems. Go Tcom as they are true 3G. Vodafone isn't and will be big dollars for them to upgrade fully.

chocolate16, May 25, 12:39am
Imon a pc and it works really well, i dont have any problem with speed, it says it has only 2 bars but its so quick pages come up faster than my boss's broadband out here, i wouldnt trade it for anything else not even broadband, it costs me 49.95 for 1 gig but 10.00 for an extra gig if i go over it.
they can work on pc the have all the gear for it to be hooked up within 5 minutse

michael555, May 28, 2:37am
*bump* *bump bump*...any one else?

womansconcept, May 28, 2:45am
Seems alot of peole having problems with this service. I going to wait a while for em to get it sorted with technology

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