Printing a "read only" pdf file

footplate1, Nov 24, 8:24am
I seem to recall seeing a post on here on how to do this.Nothing shows in search so the inevitable question:

How can I print a read only .pdf?


drcspy, Nov 24, 8:28am
just print it

read only means you cant modify it

nothing to do with printing at all

just right clik it then clik print on the menu

little_egypt, Nov 24, 8:30am
Don't use acrobloat?

Most other PDF viewers are quite happy to ignore whatever restrictions have been applied to a PDF.

footplate1, Nov 24, 8:43am
Sadly, the print button has been rendered inactive on the document and, in properties, it also denies printing. I can understand why - the OECD wants to sell it - but I don't have time to receive it.

footplate1, Nov 24, 8:45am
The document is locked and printing permission is explicitly denied.Is my memory letting me down and there really is no way to unlock?

r.g.nixon, Nov 24, 8:54am

little_egypt, Nov 24, 8:56am
Am I invisible?

Use a different PDF viewer. Most of the open source viewers ignore the restrictions flags and let you do whatever you want.

richard112, Nov 24, 9:01am
If you download Foxit & open your pdf in that, it will let you do a pdf of the pdf. The second pdf won't have the original restrictions. Works for me.

dunedin_ree, Nov 24, 9:08am
Open it in preview on a Mac and print to another PDF - or some pngs.

I even created an Automator script to extract each page as an image and reassemble them into a PDF ;)

footplate1, Nov 24, 9:10am
Another go at saying, "thank you!"My damned Thompson keeps going off line.


little_egypt, Nov 24, 9:10am
OP only wanted to print it.

Open it in almost any program OTHER THAN Acrobloat (eg sumatra, foxit, or evince) and you'll be able to print it. Only Adobe Acrobloat forces those retarded restrictions on you.

Why am I even bothering at this point...

r.g.nixon, Nov 24, 9:17am
Hey, I heard a rumour (not sure where), that third party PDF readers will let you print 'protected' PDFs. Anyone else heard that?

dunedin_ree, Nov 24, 9:19am
Nah, never heard that, I think it's just anti-Adobe propaganda.

richard112, Nov 24, 9:23am
If that was true, someone would have suggested it.

little_egypt, Nov 24, 9:28am
I heard a rumour more generally that only proprietary software supports these stupid and annoying 'antifeatures', and that there's an entire body of software written with the idea that a computer ought to do what the computer's OWNER wants it to do. What a bizzare concept!

chiz102, Sep 11, 7:11am
geek_footplate1 were you able to print your OECD pdf?

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