D-Link DSL 504T ADSL Router

magnaman, Nov 25, 9:56pm
I just connected one of the above routers to my computer, but no way could I access the internet. All the right buttons were flashing, but nothing happening. Is there something I need to do, or is the router faulty?Any help appreciated

teddybear3, Nov 25, 10:49pm
DLink are pretty shoddy in general, so it is probably faulty. Check the cables first to be sure tho.

There's a reason they give them away with a new connection. Same goes for the Thomson ones Telecom give you.

Linksys or maybe TPLink are much better IME.

magnaman, Nov 25, 10:52pm
Thanks for that Ive been using a 502Tfor years and its never missed a beat. Whats a good brand to get

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