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magnaman, Nov 25, 9:56pm
I just connected one of the above routers to my computer, but no way could I access the internet. All the right buttons were flashing, but nothing happening. Is there something I need to do, or is the router faulty?Any help appreciated

dragon500, Nov 25, 10:17pm
Have you just connected the router to your computer and expected it to work or have you run the CD that usually comes with the router, and put in your internet settings, and it isn't working? Depending on which one - run the CD or check your settings to make sure they are correct.

r.g.nixon, Nov 25, 10:28pm
Go to and put into the login details as expected by your ISP.

teddybear3, Nov 25, 10:51pm
Or get a decent router/modem...

Is this a new connection?

DLink are pretty shoddy in general, so it is probably faulty. Check the cables first to be sure tho.

There's a reason they give them away with a new connection. Same goes for the Thomson ones Telecom give you.

Linksys or maybe TPLink are much better IME.

drcspy, Nov 26, 12:34am
what a load of sh*t

YOUR 'dlink are pretty shoddy so it's probably faulty' Isa HUGE assumption based on nothing but bullsh*t.......... and 'same goes for the thompson ones telecom give you'.......are you STUPID ?

do you really think any isp is going to give away (and you can be assured the client is paying for it anyway it's NOT free doh !) modems/routers which have a high failure rate ?ARe you a fool ? Would that be good business sense ?...........NO.........

sky-dragon, Nov 26, 1:12am
Well said!

a2znz, Nov 26, 1:57am
Not so!I've had a D-Link 504G for 6 years and it's worked flawlessly.Have just upgraded to a D-Link N50 and expect the same perfect performance.

teddybear3, Nov 26, 2:14am
Nah dude, I think they find the absolute best quality product in the world and give them away at a loss, and that large corps never try and scam their customers by offering rubbish as a giveaway. Are you seriously telling me you would _recommend_ those dlink and thomson routers? Get a grip, sounds like your meds are overdue.

sweeetd, Nov 26, 2:47am
D-link and Thomson, due to Telecom using these brands as their supplier for broadband accounts would account for most routers active in this country.Therefore, its more than likely if you are going to see failures, these brands will show up more than others due to the large install base.

teddybear3, Nov 26, 2:55am
Open one up and have a look inside.

Most of them look like they were put together by a spastic chimp with a glue gun.

sweeetd, Nov 26, 3:04am
Spastic chimp or not, they are the biggest chunk of active routers in the country.Just because you see more dlink failures than other makes is no indication that their failure rate as a percentage is any better or worse than any other routers.You need to know the whole numbers, not be performing analysis based on skewed sample size.

lostdude, Nov 26, 3:17am
Yeah, dlink is fine. I still have a 6 or so yr old 502T that still works fine. I only keep it as a backup for testing.

To whom ever it was that said dlinks couldn't run ADSL2+ speeds... well I've seen this ancient dlink connect at 18Mbps+ just fine LOL.

teddybear3, Nov 26, 3:45am
sweeetd you are quite right. I would still never recommend them to anybody for anything.

To get ADSL2+ there are firmware upgrades available

drcspy, Nov 26, 4:11am
personally I have a couple of d-link 302's a couple of 502's and a couple of wireless thompson and an Asus (router only) lying around........far as I'm concerned they're ALL as reliable as each other..........and I HAVE seen linksys routers fail............and d-link etc but your original supposition that because they have a d-link it's probably sh*t and dead because of that and same goes for the thompson required a strong response as I have occasionally heard/read such stupid rubbish online etc previously and it's ALWAYS worthy of being discounted as idiotic.

magnaman, Nov 26, 11:18pm
Thanks for all the comments

jcmp21, Nov 27, 4:39am
Your business sense is lacking in a big way. Why would a company roll out a device that is going to cost them more calls and administration infrastructure to manage the massive return rate on these "shoddy" products. Did you know Pak n Save often sells coca cola and bread for less than they buy them for?I guess they wont ever last in the supermarket game for very long with logic like that?

volkier, Nov 27, 7:01am
I disagree with that. The half a dozen times I have come into contact with Linksys, in different places / locations / with different ISPs / different owners / new and old, and this is IN A ROW - they have ALL been giving problems varying from random disconnects / network resets to simply producing very poor quality signal. This is CONSISTENTLY, CONSECUTIVELY - IN A ROW with basically EVERY linksys router I've come into contact with. I have also found them to have very poor settings layout, along with missing important configuration options.

Getting a D-Link router, fixed all the issues that the linksys one was causing in the very last instance (didn't have anything to do with linksys since then, and in this case, it was actually up to me to fix the problem), and I've never had a single 'random disconnect' that Linksys nearly daily produced with the D-Link router in the last three years. I also got a D-Link modem recently (since I was impressed with the router) - and my only complaint is the ISP and the extremely poor quality phone lines where I live (although the D-Link SNR ration is about one or two points higher than the belkin one that the ISP provided). If I could find a modem which has a chipset designed to work with shit-poor quality phone lines - that would be a win - but for now I'm still looking.

TPLink may very well be better. I don't have any experience with them.

swivel, Nov 27, 8:37am
You saying you did it ??

Nothing wrong with Thomson routers.

swivel, Nov 27, 8:39am
Thomson are adsl2. Dlink from the 604 are. 504 don't have the hardware for adsl2

r.g.nixon, Nov 27, 8:54am
The 502T does ADSL2+

swivel, Nov 27, 8:58am
Hmmm.My spare one doesn't. only gets to 6.6Mb/s (adsl1)

magnaman, Nov 27, 5:26pm
Thanks for help. Its working great now, nothing wrong with the router

swivel, Nov 28, 5:24am
i'm on about my 504 (not the 502)

swivel, Nov 28, 5:31am
LOL, Gray time (same as blond moment). My 504 (showing a guy at the shop it, and that stayed in my mind) is this one.


And it still goes. Ran the shop till 2006 at a nice steady 6.6Mb/s (not adsl2).

lostdude, Nov 28, 5:42am
yeah it's the ones with a T at the end that have adsl2+ support.

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