Acer Notebook $99 cashback offer

kendyll, Nov 27, 1:42am
Has anyone out there purchased from Noel Lemming a Acer Notebook, which offered $99.00cashback on the deal. However you had to redeem the cashback from Acer. I have tried their website and cannot find anywhere how to get the cashback from them. Any help very much appreciated. I'm getting very frustrated at the moment. Thanks

homeskillet, Nov 27, 1:48am
A simple way of finding out would be to contact noel leeming.

Normally any cash backs are printed with the receipt or come with the box.

mothergoose_nz, Nov 27, 1:54am
you get it through acer.i got mine about 3 years ago.cant remember much about it but it can take up to 3 months

biker_69, Nov 27, 3:26am
Stop falling for this 'cash back' crap. Either it's $99 off at the PoS or it's not. I don't jump through hoops for discounts - if they want my business they must offer the discount at the time of purchase. It's not worth my time to have to chase a measly $99.

drcspy, Nov 27, 3:30am
yup it's a big rort
they do it because a lot of people dont end up getting thier 'cashback' due to all the hoops'n'loops they have to jump thru and theres been VERY bad PR about cashbacks over the years.......

personally If something is listed with a 'cashback/redemption' I stay away.....

gibler, Nov 27, 3:35am
It's an Acer ... i think not getting the cash back will be the smallest problem you will have.

tjharris, Nov 27, 3:41am
I googled acer cashback and the first link that came back was

Really difficult that one!!

malachiman, Nov 27, 3:48am
I was thinking the same thing... It??

tjharris, Nov 27, 3:53am
I bought an Acer about 18 months ago, and I haven't had any issues with it ....

groovyroseanne, Nov 27, 3:55am
same here no issues with mine.. only time i do have issues is if kids get to it and muck with the settings.. they know how to magically push the right combo of buttons to turn something on or off lol

martin_the_bull, Feb 7, 12:20am
I am another victim of the $99.00 cash back. Bought Acer computer in April 2010 at Harvey Norman. With the cash back offer it seemed like the best deal. Salesman made no mention of the 14 day redemption period. I got onto the acer website and registered outside the 14 day period. I have low computer skills and was not even connected to the internet. I registered via my workplace computer. I received notification that my claim had been received. On the 13th December 2010, I sent a letter to Acer explaining the situation and requesting payment. This letter was sent by registered mail to be on the safe side. To date I have received no communication from the company. Next time out shopping Acer will be a dirty word. In the not to distant future I will take the matter up with the Office of Fair Trading.

guest, Dec 14, 3:32am
i just got my acer laptop today, finding the cashback feature on their website is not really hard, its on the bottom of the acer website, "cash back".

I have just completed my form and will send it, lets see how fast they process everything.

guest, Dec 26, 10:19pm
Except now the cashback link is under maintenance...

jc, Dec 29, 1:12pm
My roomate just bought a Acer-5750 along with me 3days ago on Boxing Day. The sale man also mentioned nothing about the 14days-deadline. My roomate dosen't speak english, so I have to help her getting this bloody cashback by such a tricky way. That was not supposed to be so inconvenient while purchasing. It's really annoying especially for foreigners, bg!! I'm not happy with this kind of stupid discount. I'm gonna try it 'n to c what's going on anyway. $99 is not a small amount 4 my roomate.

ron_powell, Jan 20, 8:41am
I bought an Acer laptop with a Cashback offer from Bond and Bond Lower Hutt and I had the same frustrating time trying to find the form on the Acer website. I went back to Bond and Bond and the staff there couldn't have been more helpful, they accessed the form and printed off all the documents I needed so I could make my application for Cashback. Thank you for all your help Shaun and Greg.

longkatang, Jan 30, 3:28pm
How I can retrive and print the already filled cash payback form of Acer

frustrated, Mar 21, 11:06pm
i have also tried since december 2011 to get my cashback. getting the runaround by being sent back to noel leeming 3times, and yet here i am still trying to get my money back. i saw all your comments so i had to put mine in. and it is not easy to find the cashback if you dnt know anything about computers like me, also noel leeming did not want to help me just send me back to acer.they know you when they want yr money to buy their items,cant get rid of them. ok bye.

guest, Apr 2, 1:23am
Printed the form from the site - am just about to mail it off. Will let you know what happens. PB technologies were excellent. Told me all about how to claim, warned me about keeping the packaging and completing within 14 days, and even printed out the site details for me and the process. Regardless of what happens with Acer, I think PB technologies were excellent.

kea, Apr 28, 10:01pm
I Had no problem finding site, took 15 mins to do. Easy. Will send in post and see how long it will take. This is for a desk top worth $149 cashback as well as a discount at PoP so worth doing.

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