Hosting Direct ADSL2 Plans

anyone used them? How are they as an ISP, thinking about moving over to them from orcon.

geek_g-tech, Nov 28, 2:09 am

I have wondered the same thing. Been waiting for someone to give it a go first lol

geek_malachiman, Nov 28, 8:42 am

If its connected to their hosting side of things they use an Orcon connection anyway

geek_jancemord, Nov 28, 9:48 am

Bit Torrent and related services like Torrents over our ADSL network are fully blocked.

geek_spyware, Nov 28, 10:02 am

looks quite cheap!
not bad. decent data caps for the prices too

geek_homeskillet, Nov 28, 11:37 am

hosting direct is epic fail.

geek_l43a2, Nov 28, 4:54 pm

Hosting Direct DSL is great, I use it and bit torrent works fast as! Compared to Xnet I was with before, HD is much cheaper and faster.

geek_geeknz, Jan 7, 2:34 pm

Would that be for all their plans? $60+gst for 100gb would be great.

geek_paora-tm, Jan 28, 12:16 pm

Hosting Direct is terrible. They block all bittorrent and other file sharing on their network and have had terrible PR in the past (they got themselves banned from Geekzone). Avoid.

geek_makgeeknz, Jan 28, 12:42 pm

That part isn't difficult at dorkzone. The moderators are idiots.

geek_paora-tm, Jan 28, 12:54 pm

Their website has incorrect pricing for over usage.

geek_hdmovies, Jan 28, 1:06 pm

I was really looking forward to informing Telecom that I no longer required their 'service'.

geek_paora-tm, Jan 28, 1:14 pm

Why? want to qualify your statement.

I have used HD for hosting for ages, never had a problem with them, excellent uptime, fast servers, well priced.

If they offered a Naked DSL plan I would jump straight away.

geek_malachiman, Jan 28, 2:31 pm

Well, every other ISP there has managed to refrain from abusing people.

geek_makgeeknz, Jan 28, 4:35 pm

I agree very abusive on the forums, majorly has a attitude problem.

geek_johnf_456, Jan 28, 9:46 pm

anyone used them! How are they as an ISP, thinking about moving over to them from orcon.

geek_g-tech, Nov 28, 2:09 am