AMD Athlon 64 X2 4200 Dual-Core, intel equivelant?

purple666, Nov 27, 6:52pm
New to AMD, have been running an IntelP4 3.2 and wondered how the above would compare in general terms?

r.g.nixon, Nov 27, 7:14pm
Just a guess but I would say the AMD would have double the overall speed.

swivel, Nov 27, 8:46pm
No, as then it would be a 4400 (4200is 2.2)

dino7, Nov 27, 10:55pm
generally the old AMD method of 'rating' the CPU was to call it '4200+' which in their eyes was equivalent to 4.2ghz an AMD that theoretically would match your 3.2ghz Intel would be the 3200+clear as mud?

vtecintegra, Nov 27, 10:57pm
Depends on what you are doing but in general its 50-100% faster.

Have a look at various benchmarks here:,14.html

vtecintegra, Nov 27, 11:10pm
Its actually more complicated than that - the PR rating was based on Pentium 3 equivalence and as the P4 is slower than the P3 clock for clock the difference is actually even more dramatic in many cases.

nizmonut, Nov 28, 12:27am
for me, it would have to be GHz rating + clock speed a clocked Sempron can run just as fast as a Athlon II and the Athlon can be clocked to keep up with a Opteron.

Obviously the clocked cpus are working harder but at the end of the day why pay for a Opteron or Phenom when a well cooled Athlon II will do the job aswell for mostly half the price of the Phenom chips

dino7, Nov 28, 1:45am
that's why i used the terms 'generally' and 'clear as mud?'

purple666, Nov 28, 4:16am
In general was what I was after, will give it go

lostdude, Nov 28, 5:09am
ffs it's a dual core amd vs a single core intel...

guest, May 19, 2:54am
koyanko komachi patuyali

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