Web sites + hosting

Hi guys, looking for some advice please :) Whats a good web site + domain, hosting etc... for a beginner, that you can put together yourself and is suitable for selling photography and Mac friendly.Looking for something stylish and not cheap n nasty looking. Ive looked at a few but the reviews are all over the show so was wondering if anyone here had any recommendations?Many thanks

geek_t-01, Nov 28, 12:21 am

Has anyone tried webstarts?Looks ok but the reviews are a mixed bag so Im not sure.Want to be able to set up a shopping bag + accept online payments or is it best just to have an email link for them to contact you with an order?

geek_t-01, Nov 28, 12:29 am

I'm pretty sure opencart.com will do this for you and most hosts should be able to host it - I think.

geek_askthetoaster, Nov 28, 12:32 am

Thanks heaps for your help guys much appreciated

geek_t-01, Nov 28, 12:35 am