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jscnz81, Nov 29, 5:59am
please help i need to know how to set up my phone for internet etc it keeps saying no internet connection when try to start the browser?? what are the APN settings for vodafone??

jscnz81, Nov 29, 6:14am
so frustrating i have tried this but still no good, my phone is froyo 2.2 when i bought it... any othe ideas please :()

drsr, Nov 29, 8:20am
Do you have the 3G icon in the notification bar? Is Wifi on (Wifi takes precedence over mobile data if you are connected to a Wifi access point)? Is "Use packet data" under Mobile Network Settings checked? Try toggling flight mode if you've just set up the APN.

smoothjazz, Nov 29, 8:34am
mobile network should be enabled on wireless & networks menu and then you see the 3g icon on the notification bar

michael.benn, Nov 29, 8:57am
What smooth said, disable wifi and try then.

Get Vodafone APN stuff from Vodafone.

damon3, Nov 29, 11:26am
Go here: Choose HTC Tattoo, enter your phone number and they will text you the APN details. The three APNs are:

All work on my Samsung on 2.2

guest, Dec 7, 11:18pm
I bought a Galaxy S - cannot connect to internet despite settings sent to phone. I am with 2 Degrees. Have tried suggestions above. 3G icon not showing

guest, Dec 14, 4:02am
I also have this problem, im on 2 degrees and cannot get the 3g icon on the notification bar, have tried everything in this forum

guest, Feb 28, 7:23pm
we are on orange... gunna throw this thru window in a minute!!

please help!!

settings sent to fone but no internet????

guest, Apr 1, 2:29am
The 3 G icon doesnt appear on mt galaxy s hence no internet connection. However it connects through Wifi and also works as mobile AP/

guest, Apr 19, 10:41pm
2degrees doesnt have 3g yet.

m_s_karki, May 15, 6:01am
Steps for GPRS settings on Samsung Galaxy Pop
*Go to settings
* Go to Wireless and networks
* Go to Mobile networks
* Go to Check Use packet data
* Go to Access point names
* For BSNL -APN "bsnlnet"
* Now go back to settings
* touch Internet and it will run.

m_s_karki, May 15, 6:12am
Now steps to use Samsung Galaxy Pop as modem and running internet through PC
* connect the mobile to PC via USB cable
*Go to settings
* Go to Wireless and networks
* Go to Mobile networks
* Go to Check Use packet data
* Go toThethering and portable hotspot
* chech USB tethering
*Now in PC, go to Control Panel-> Network and Internet connections -> Network connections
* Here you will see samsung modem. (Kies software to be installed before it)
* Right click on that connection -> properties-> Check on "Show icon in notification Area when connected."
* Now you are connected to internet via mobile and you can see the connected icon.

bek, May 24, 11:52pm
thank you, that worked first time. appreciate your help.

guest, May 28, 1:04am
When I'm on wifi and go on the internet it says can not connect even though I can after pressing ok what's up with that because I'm sick of pressing ok after every page

guest, Jun 2, 10:28am
i have just brought a samsung galaxy s and i can not get internet or picture messages to work i am with giffgaff and have tried the apn but it does not work any ideas please

guest, Jun 23, 6:57am
I have a samsung galaxy mini on the 2degrees network and it just comes up with no network connection - cannot connect to internet. Please check your connection settings and try again.


guest, Jul 5, 11:09am
m_s_karki please tell me settings for mtnl postpaid

guest, Jul 5, 12:20pm
i just got the samsung galaxy s .... how do i get the internet without having to connect via wi-fi please help

guest, Jul 14, 5:32pm
I have upgraded my Sam galaxy 3 to group but I can not access the Internet on it. I have set the APN correct.
I realized that when I check the use packet data checkbox and visit setting it is always reset to unchecked

mel, Jul 18, 4:18am
Hi i have just bought a samsung glaxy 5 and it has got no internet connection how do you get it to connect i am with Telstra. please help.

guest, Jul 24, 6:17pm
How can i get the free setting for vodafone on galaxy pop

guest, Aug 29, 9:03pm
I have a new galaxy s and it went for repair where they wiped all previous settings - when I got it back the internet wouldnt work on 3G. Solution - go to the vodafone web site and "in search" put APN - select samsung, there are several models listed. Follow the instructions ( make sure you put your cell number in right ie 6421....), then you get a text but sure your remember the secret code number, follow the text, follow the instruction entre the code, and hey preso its now works. I knew the repairer upgraded the operating software, and this was the issue for me. Hope this helps.

nadim_sisodia, Sep 18, 6:50am
Im fed with Bsnl i have galaxy s2 but intrrnet is not working .i have tried everything still internet is not workimg any really tried got such a good mobile no intetnet.BSML SUCKS

pack, Sep 25, 4:21am
Help !!i have a galaxy s fascinate 3G plus from telus it's unlock i using china prepaid simcard why i can't go on line how can i do the seting ? i am in china right now please help ..

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