**********Best isp adsl and phone service?********

intrade, Nov 29, 10:00am
IT is time again to hunt for better bb and phone wired phone deals?
what is currantly the best
I am with snap.net.nz and was happy till i changed to plan A when i started to get rubbish invoices and incorrect bills . I think its time to move on as plan charges have gone up since i joined em ....
What is the site again to compair BB plans there is 2 that i recall in operation a few years ago.

peter148, Nov 29, 10:26am
I'm with Snap in ChCh and their accounts dept seems hopeless, they always make mistakes, then make more mistakes trying to correct the original mistake.After I got Broadband they forgot to connect my phone for a month until I reminded them.
My phone stopped working for a week a fortnight ago, so I'm gonna have to ask them for a discount on my bill.

intrade, Nov 29, 10:40am
for me it only started when i changed from plan C to A i got charged the plan C price on A invoic they still seem one of the cheapest isp i found 1 site to compair and actrix seemsso far the next best thing as its got adsl2 and a 10 gig plan fullspeed. snap is listed as 800 speed....... I was happy and my invoices where usually correct till then and i am currently in switzerland so i dont give a care if they disconnect my phone if i dont pay my bill next month.. wish 2degree would have wired services they could be a good . i use a prepay cell and it costs me almost nothing to call nz on it

intrade, Nov 29, 10:44am

intrade, Nov 29, 11:19am

spyware, Nov 29, 6:24pm
Telecom introduce 80 GB Total Home packages this weekend.

zak410, Nov 29, 9:07pm
can you get this where you are?
few of my neighbours are with them and swear by it, me i am with actrix, top service but still reliant on telecom line.


webmejohn, Nov 30, 6:45am
We've had Xnet since early 2008. Never had much more than 1000kbps down and 150kbps up. Made numerous helpdesk calls only to be pretty much fobbed off with things like it's my phone line, Telecom is to blame, etc.

Finally decided to make a change, especially after comparing pricing.

We were with Telecom for phone and Xnet for broadband. Used 18GB last month. Total cost for broadband and phone was $123.

Found that Vodafone had a 30GB plan with phone for $100.

Signed up on Sunday and got connected today. Been very impressed so far with changeover. Very good communication via email status updates.

First thing I did was hit speedtest.net. 5600 kbps down and 445kbps up! Same modem, same everything except ISP! Yesterday, same test was 900kbps down and 120kbps up via Xnet. Both ISP's plans state maximum up and down.

Also, on the 30GB plan, we can get MySKY HDi through Vodafone with no monthly fee - just $99 connection.

loop, Dec 27, 6:31am
i've been with orcon for some years.nothing wrong with their service,and they were very competitive to xtra but now appear to be lagging.i'm looking at going to slingshot.all you can eat and phone line for $130.00 a month.apparrently long waits for service,but not much need once connected!

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