What year did intel adopt ddr sdram?

smilie13, Nov 30, 8:00am
.... and dont cheat

swivel, Nov 30, 8:12am
after the Rambus crap

smilie13, Nov 30, 8:17am
yeap , but what year?

r.g.nixon, Nov 30, 8:50am

smilie13, Nov 30, 8:57am

gasaxe, Nov 30, 9:31am
2000 in GPUs and 2002 in MBs. According to Scott Mueller.

smilie13, Dec 1, 12:07am
according to mike meyers, summer2003

lostdude, Dec 1, 4:27am
Yeah after they started losing money continually supporting that overpriced under-performing crap lol.

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