Is this a new rort to gain access to ones computer

mikenel, Dec 1, 10:28pm
I just got a phone call from a number which appeared in my caller ID as 91618 which is not really any sort of phone number. The caller sounded like one of those illiterates who work in the indian call centres and he told me my computer has a "whyrus" (I think he was trying to say Virus) and he knew that from the IP address. He would advise me how to get rid of it if I just turned the computer on and did what he said.I told him to piss off. What would you have done?

little_egypt, Dec 1, 10:41pm
Not new at all. We've been hearing about it just about every day for the last six months.

ross1970, Dec 2, 12:05am
I would of used the word f--k rather than piss. Otherwise, good effort 8/10.

drcspy, Dec 2, 12:10am
amazing the number of computer users who are totally ignorant of this scam's been in the news even.....

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