windows extender (xbox 360)

info25, May 25, 4:03am
Windows extender (xbox 360) Once again i have another problem lol. I am trying to set up media center on my xbox 360 so i can stream my videos from my pc (running windows vista home premium) to my 360. When i turn the 360 on it gives me a code and my pc recognizes a extender and pc asks me to put in the code so i do then it goes to the setup completes the first two things on the list then fails on "configuring extender settings" Then it takes me to a screen saying Extender not found. Can anyone help? thanks

pawlovers, May 25, 4:13am
Happened to me I reset the whole laptop for another reason (fresh version of vista) and it worked after lol, but that might be too much for you.

info25, May 25, 4:17am
Yes I dont want to reinstall everything to much of a hassle lol thanks though

tessal, May 25, 4:18am

info25, May 25, 4:25am
Looked there but cant find any answers. Thanks

tessal, May 25, 4:27am
Lol its as clear as RAIN,what you gotta do on that webpage.

info25, May 25, 4:29am
Im lookin lookin im reading the instructions but nothing happening!

tessal, May 25, 4:32am
How are you connecting the pc to the xbox at the moment...ethernet cable?

info25, May 25, 4:39am
Oh im using a router. a tp-link router with ethernet cable. sorry

tessal, May 25, 4:40am
Okhere mite be a better example of how to do it

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