Help finding canon printer driver.

friendly_prawn, Dec 2, 6:45am
need a driver for a canon PIXUS 50i

cant find it on canon nz site..

can anyone point me in the right direction?

cheers guys.

r.g.nixon, Dec 2, 7:00am

friendly_prawn, Dec 2, 7:04am
exactly what I thought... but yes, its PIXUS

d.snell, Dec 2, 7:58am
Pixus was released in Japan. How's your japaneses?

d.snell, Dec 2, 8:02am

friendly_prawn, Dec 2, 9:38am
very very well done...
I have since learnt, printer was bought out from Japan by previous owner..

Your google skills are obviously much better than mine..

Much appreciated... Thank you d.snell

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