Brother laser printer... Toner question

nzlotrfan, Dec 2, 8:07am
I've been doing a bit of Googling on remanufactured and compatible toners... And ultimately found that it's ok to buy them, providing they weren't a 'drill and fill' job, and that the company you're purchasing from is a reputable one. I've narrowed my search down for a tn-240bk toner, to Inkworks remanufactured toner ( and NZConsumables compatible toner ( -- only about $1.00 difference.

They both appear to be reputable companies... Which one do you think I should get, the remanufactured or the compatible? TIA

gibler, Dec 2, 8:34am
I'd go with a place that will fix/replace your printer if their toners cause the damage.

flick13, Dec 2, 8:39am
yep - what gibler said.

If they are truly 100% compatible, then they should be prepared to payup if their cartridge causes problems.

richms, Dec 2, 9:12am
Price up a new printer vs new toner, and it becomes clear that even if the refill screws the printer up pretty soon you are better off since the cost of the printers is so low compared to the toner.

pcfix4u, Dec 2, 12:41pm
I learn't my lesson, no more toner from cartridge world.

Screwed a $500.00 laser printer a few years back, tech said it needs a new drum $300.00.

We are so sorry you can have another toner said cartridge world,,,,Grrrrrrr.

nzlotrfan, Dec 3, 4:55am
Well I just checked with Inkworks, and apparently they do a "drill and fill" job for their toners, which supposedly is not the best. So I've gone with NZConsumables, who also said that their toner and the printer the toner is being used in will be under warranty if it gets damaged.

Thanks for your help!

lostdude, Dec 3, 6:47am
?... You do realise drums don't last forever either? They are FRU just like toners.

malachiman, Dec 3, 7:13am
If your printer is anything like my brother colour laser, you can manually reset the page count for each toner. I am still on my originals with exception to black. Mainly because it totals the page count not the volume of ink used. Saved me $600. So far. Did the same for my dads one. They last a lot longer than they want you to believe.

scoutess, Dec 3, 8:24am
The retailer told me that new printers are not sold with a full supply of ink / toner.. imagine that !!!

I was dumbfounded .. couldnt figure out why I had to make that decision so many times.. ie get a new printer or ink/ toner...
now i know

they told me it was like buying a car.. no assurance it would have a full tank of petrol with it.

so pissed off at that@

nzlotrfan, Dec 3, 9:40am
malachiman, how does resetting the page count save you money?

guest, Dec 4, 9:06am
how could i reset my toner cartridge TN 240BK

allspices, Sep 29, 5:48am
So, how do you know that the refill stuffed up the printer! Cartridge World says that printers cannot avoid their Consumer Guarantee obligations because a refilled cartridge was used. There are many parts of a laser printer: drum/fuser/cartridge sleeve etc , etc ,etc,

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