Cant seem to download firefox/ adobe flash player

petal89, Dec 2, 9:30pm
when I do this a thing comes saying we don't have permission to download such a file/path! I'm on my so called ex PC but we have had it clean twice since having it! can some one kindly direct me in the right direction to solve this so i can update Firefox n adobe flash player please?? cant even update IE either?? TIA

petal89, Dec 2, 9:30pm
and we are the main computer admin's is something blocking it?? from doing downloads??

pkm66, Dec 2, 9:44pm
does this happen to ANY download or only these particular ones, in what browser?
Hijackthis and malwarebytes might come in handy
edit: you say you had it cleaned, by whom and what was found/removed

petal89, Dec 2, 10:02pm
when i left my dickhead boyfriend asked if i could have it which he agreed cos he had the laptop! it worked well when i was living with him. when i finally got it he said he did a heap of work on it and loaded heaps of songs on it YEAH right they r all gone. then we tried connecting dialup that wouldnt work.. So we took it into acomputer place who said it was so riddled with virus he had to clean it right back to the basic start up! which the fella farked that up even more as was told not to delete photos we lost thousands of photos (well mine n my new partner). Then we took it too another person who cleaned it up even more n got ex professional pack 3 on it. have only just been able to get vodafone broadband working to connect to it! i can get on trademe n facebook emails no problem (has Firefox start up so i thought last night i will update Firefox & adobe flash player and that's when it came up with the message you know when you click download and then click safe and shows what u want to download says canceled i double click that to start loading it and that's when it says don't have permission to download such a file/path.. if i go into IE it says working offline when we are on line! Headache much?? lol, hope that explains it a bit better.. just wonder if something is blocking it from doing any downloads so not just these two i am wanting to update on.

petal89, Dec 2, 10:05pm
I tried to turn avg offno still getting the same message!

r.g.nixon, Dec 2, 10:19pm
If you only have basic computer needs (no latest and greatest $150 games from the shop), then I recommend you install Linux.
The 'Linux Mint' version will be the easiest.

It gets no malware, no trojans, no spyware, no viruses, no firewall needed - get the picture?

blenheim-trader, Dec 2, 10:22pm
Does this happen when you try to download any file . Try downloading this and take a screen shotof the error by press the Print Screen key then open paint and select edit paste . Save todesktop and upload to my photos on tm or

and copy and paste the link to screen shoot here.

pcfix4u, Dec 2, 10:35pm
Got to and watch a video any video and it will try to install adobe flash.

petal89, Dec 2, 10:54pm
I think it might be something to do with security settings side of things somethings blocking it! cos that's what I'm getting now. how do i change my security settings for allowing downloads?? we r running windows ex pack 3 so doesn't really hv the basic its building up slowly!
maybe i should try the Linux version..

petal89, Dec 3, 1:07am
OK put all the defaults back to when windows xp pack 3 was installed and came up with about 17 updates (some for security reason or something) which I have done and adobe flash player is uploaded perfectly IE8 is also updated n firefox so thanks to everyone to try and solve this but I solved it myself next time i know what to do lol.. Thnks all!

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