HELP! with Android tablet pc

nzcabbie, Dec 3, 12:49am
Please someone help me, I brought a android tablet pc off, trademe, and I can't get it to connect.
I want to connect to wifi, anywhere, I don't have wifi at home.
I went to a free wifi cafe, but it would not connect, the device found the cafe's name and I clicked on it to enter the password bu then nothing.
I have tried resetting wifi, forgeting previous accounts, asking people there and in other shops like Jb hifi, vodafone and dicksmith.
I'm trying to create a google account, but it won't let me connect to the internet, I thought this might be a way of solving my problem.
I don't know what to do, can someone please help me.

sbw27, Dec 3, 1:29am
A tablet isn't much use if you don't have wireless....not that my statement fixes your issue.

vtecintegra, Dec 3, 1:38am
Try it on a different wifi network.Its possible it just doesn't play nicely with that particular cafes setup.

twaymouth, Dec 3, 3:01am
Some of those tablet pc's are notorious for having trouble with connecting to wifi networks. It would be worth visiting and looking to see if there is any information about your particular tablet pc.

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