Triple screen gaming

jovu55, Dec 3, 10:48am
Had no luck in gaming MB, thought I'd try here.

I want to hook up my PS3 to three LCD screens so that all three screens displays the game in unison, like Eyefinity or 3D VisionSurround.Can it be done? If so how?

I've got 3 PS3's, 3 GT5's, 3 LED's, TIA.

hayster94, Dec 3, 11:01am
Wouldn't each ps3 be connected to its own lcd then?

jovu55, Dec 3, 11:07am
Yes and it is configured that way but I cannot seem to get GT5 to play in unison.Does anyone know for certain that GT5 supports multi displays or have had it working in this kind of setup?

kane199, Dec 3, 6:43pm
Thought it was only possible on pc?

pkm66, Dec 3, 6:47pm
sucks looks like you have to buy 2 more PS3s! and connect them with LAN cables.

ngubb, Dec 3, 8:10pm
sucks looks like someone needs to go back to school and learn comprehension.

Read the first post. He has 3 PS3s.

jovu55, Dec 4, 12:29pm
Played some PC games via Eyefinity but am still eager to try GT5 in the same setup, no luck with google - looked at the link posted earlier and it doesn't mention steps.

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