grad111, Dec 3, 9:44pm
where can ibuy gocheap printer ink from in chchformy canonmp210 , i am want toblack and colourreplacement s .
hear where was aplace calledthe ink manon main northin the backjust in front of northlandsis herestillthere .

chileman, Dec 3, 10:25pm
dyslexic or just playing stupid?

hakatere1, Dec 4, 12:00am
www.inkvenus.co.nz Don't even have to leave the comfort of your chair.

drcspy, Dec 4, 4:31am

that was so ridiculously easy I'm suprised you couldn't handle it yourself and bearing that in mind I'm suprised you can even use a computer

richms, Dec 4, 5:11am
Do you want cheap, or good?

cursedone, Dec 4, 7:26am
Good and cheap in the same sentance LOL

omokoroa1, Dec 4, 10:37pm
buying cheap aint the bestest for your printer been there done that majorly fu^$#%#@$d up the guts of the printer........lolneeded to go buy another was cheaper to buy another than get it fixd
the guy at the cheap ink show was saying nah its all good dont buy the dear stuff this is ok was all good for the 1st couple months frkn thing must of been building up to spit the dummy and it did

you printers are so cheap these days prices are competitive cheaper to buy a new printer with all the gadgets and some the buying the cartridges...............gl

lythande1, Dec 5, 2:55am
Inkvenus have too high a failure rate. Try ezyink instead.

paora-tm, Dec 5, 6:31am
Really? I've been lucky I suppose. I've saved 20 times (at least) the cost of my printer using their cartridges - so if it does give up on me I can't really complain.

richms, Dec 5, 10:09am
one of the cheap ink places was selling generic dye based ink in all their epson carts, so in the ones that needed pigment inks it was really bad, and even on my cheap nasty dye based one the greys came out looking more like liquorish. I get the pigment stuff off ebay from china and once tried that thru the junky T100 and it seemed to work ok there too, little bit of a yellow cast but hey, the printer was under $100 so I dont expect miricals.

Refillable carts and topping them up without removing them means that it never does a prime so doesnt waste it into the sponge, and no hassles of hoses and tanks like with a CISS that was just too much of a pain to move around.

hakatere1, Dec 5, 10:31am
Never had a problem and I've used heaps.

gdf001, Jun 6, 8:46am
Another vote for Inkvenus. Never a problem here.

smine, Jun 6, 8:26pm
This crowd, much cheaper than Inkvenus, free shipping.http://tinyurl.com/3b8qelr

snuzal, Jun 6, 8:36pm
was a bit of an oxymoron I thought. ;o)

yjeva, Jun 6, 8:41pm
The only thing I can tell you for sure out of that is that here is still not there.

mortlocl, Jun 6, 8:44pm
I've been using those ones at 'the warehouse'...buying them when they are on special. Seem to be ok so far..

mortlocl, Jun 6, 8:47pm
oops - forgot to say..using them on a canon mp610

hakatere1, Jun 6, 10:41pm
Nah, Your recommendation $17.00. Mine $6.99. No contest really.

ferrit47, Jun 6, 11:10pm
Cartridge world is a excellent company to deal with.

morticia, Jun 6, 11:53pm
I've bought in excess of 30 cartridges from Inkvenus and had one dud. And yes, cheap AND good and never messed up a printer yet.

jaja6, Jun 7, 12:08am
For my Canon MG 5250 printer, Inkvenus would cost $67 for 5 cartridges and this auction, Listing #: 381701612would only cost $25. He has 393 good sales in the past. Isn't he better priced than Inkvenus? And why such big differences?

hakatere1, Jun 7, 12:34am
Can't beat that aye?

drcspy, Jun 7, 1:50am
BIG profits

jaja6, Jun 7, 6:00am
It may have something with the Chinese innovations and scale of economy.

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