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tntwoon, Dec 4, 3:28am
So, don't judge me, but I have been playing some WoW, mainly to bust boredom and also keep in touch with a friend, anyway back to the problem, each time I go to run it, it will reset my computer and says something about the graphics card having problems, does this mean I need to get a new Graphics card? Any help would be amazing! Thanks!

lostdude, Dec 4, 3:33am
Download and install this: Run it then take a screenshot, upload the SS to or any other image host then post the link to it here. How to take a screenshot:

royal_flush1, Dec 4, 3:47am
One possible thought,what is your power supply / graphics card?its possible to overload your power supply too much, causing it to fluctuate, and cause a reboot...

tntwoon, Dec 4, 3:53am
@LostDude, I will have to see about that download thing.. is it safe?

@Royal_Flush, Ohh I see, I have never bought a graphics card for my computer, so the one it has is one that came from the store, I bought a new Video Card off Mighty Ape yesterday which my friend said is a decent one, I am just unsure why it randomly started doing this.

jancemord, Dec 4, 3:55am
Why are you asking if it is safe?He is trying to help you so of course it will be

tntwoon, Dec 4, 4:00am
@Jancemord I am not doubting that he isn't trying to help me, I am just saying I don't really know what I am downloading.. Like I have no clue what it does, so yah

lostdude, Dec 4, 4:03am
Royal_flush may well be on the right track. Your PSU may be underpowering the card or there is too much strain on the 12v rail your video card is connected to.

tntwoon, Dec 4, 7:45am
@Lostdude ohhhh I see now, sorry was just a bit nervous, but I downloaded it and ran the program here is the screen shot I got, thanks heaps for this! it is much appreciated

kane199, Dec 4, 8:36am
When you say reset, do you mean the computer powers off and on again, or the screen flickers and you get an error message "display driver has crashed" or along those lines, i had a similar issue to the latter, which went away after a driver update

lostdude, Dec 4, 9:31am
Ok in post #4 you said you bought a new video card from Mighty Ape but your screenshot suggests you haven't got a discrete graphics card installed. So you haven't yet received nor installed this new card right? Now try to recreate the error and post back the exact message you receive. Post a screenshot of the error message if possible or note it down word for word if not. Also, post a screenshot of your Event Viewer directly after it reboots from the error. To get to Event Viewer:

1. Hold Windows Key + R
2. Type Eventvwr.msc and press Enter
3. Click on Custom Views > Administrative Events
4. Take Screenshot

tntwoon, Dec 4, 12:39pm
@Kane199 yes it did exactly that, well, it said that it crashed, but sometimes it would just restart my computer saying there was an error in the Graphics driver or something along those lines, how did you update the driver?

@LostDude Oh I meant I bought one yesterday so i have not yet received the new Graphics Card =( & I will try to get a screen shot of it for you

Again everyone I thank you all heaps for the help!

drcspy, Dec 4, 6:29pm
pretty useless info

says WHAT about the graphics card having problems ?
or do you have problems ?

cant read ?
too dumb to post the exact error message ?
didnt' think it'd be important ?

doh !

drcspy, Dec 4, 6:30pm
so friggin google it...........

tntwoon, Dec 5, 1:31am
@drcspy seriously.. lol you should read everything before you post your *cool* little comments, you look stupider than I am. ^____^

lostdude, Dec 5, 8:25am
tntwoon, have you done everything in post #10? Also, do this to see the error message when the PC freezes (we need this message also):

1. Hold Windows Key + R
2. Type control sysdm.cpl,,3
3. Under "Startup and Recovery" click Settings
4. Untick "Automatically Restart"
5. Click OK

Post the BSOD error message

jcmp21, Dec 5, 8:33am

alagalac, Dec 5, 9:20pm
Doesn't WoW update the engine and the minimum specs every now and then? Since Cataclysm is coming out they probably did recently.

Might be why you can no longer play with your integrated graphics?

tntwoon, Dec 6, 7:13am
@LostDude Sorry about taking a while to get this, been a tad busy, I was unsure about what you wanted me to get, so I got what information looked useful on the bluescreen error message thing, A problem has been detected and windows has been shutdown to prevent damage to your computer(First thing that has come up). Then the error thing that applied to me is this. If problems continue, disable or remove any newly installed hardware or software, disable BIOs memory options such as caching or shadowing. I also got Technical Info if that would be needed? Thanks again

@ jcmp I know but I still play it

@alagalac Hmm I have no clue, I have only recently started playing =) But yet I bought a new graphics card off Mighty Ape, so hopefully will get that tomorrow =)

lostdude, Dec 6, 9:27pm
OK, since you've failed to post any of the screenshots requested, I'll just take a guess.

Download and install the latest drivers for your graphics card here:

Once that's done, delete the WDB folder from your where you installed WoW:
- Hold Windows Key + E
- Navigate to C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\Cache (replace "C:\Program Files\" with where you installed WoW if different)
- Delete the WDB folder

Now do the same with your account folder:
- Navigate to C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\WTF\Account\
- Delete the folder with your account name.

Restart PC, then run WoW again. If the problem still persists, post back a screenshot of your Event Viewer. Refer to post #4 for instructions on how to do so.

tntwoon, Dec 7, 6:22am
@lostdude sweet sorry about not posting this before, i tried what you said but problems still occurred, here is the picture of the Event Viewer, let me know if you need me to show you something in specific within it.

tntwoon, Dec 8, 12:53am
Thanks everyone for your help, I just had to get a new graphics card =) all fixed

lostdude, Dec 8, 12:59am
Sweet. What card did you get?

michael.benn, Dec 8, 1:18am
Yeah, not surprised really. Any modern game trying to run on Integrated is pretty much destined to fail. Urgh WoW.

Anyway, glad you sorted out your problem.

What card did you end up buying ?

tntwoon, Dec 10, 4:39am
Hey guys sorry about the late reply =)
just this one its not amazingly great, but i have realized what shitty graphics the integrated ones had =P

kane199, Dec 10, 4:59am
Least it's better then the on board - See you in azeroth

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