Printer - all it needs to do is basic printing.

_banchee_, May 25, 5:08am
PRINTER HELP! I need to buy a printer...but get confused when I go to the shop! All it needs to do is basic printing...I want it to be inexpensensive (cartridges) TIA

peepme, May 25, 5:14am
ReCareful what you buy.As the saying goes "you get what you pay for".A lot of the low cost printers like HP and Epson are so noisy.

sanders4, May 25, 8:22am
Printers Epson and Canon are generally the cheapest to run. My advice is to never buy the cheapest of anything, go for middle of road and you should be fine.Cheap is junk for most items these days, noise is incidental for a printer but ink cost is very important, hence my pref. for above.

peepme, May 25, 8:42am
"go for middle of road" i agree but as far as noise goes,it DOES matter,you don't want something CLANKING away.Something that sounds broken as soon as you first use it.Epson ARN'T cheap to run sanders.i have an Epson R800 and it is quite expensive to run but I like the quality of photos it prints.Epson are well known for their printers to be expensive to use.From what i have heard of HP printers,their lowend ones are very noisy as well.......Banchee logon to and use the search for a few printers,the cheapest will be at the top.If you want a printer that will do fairly good photos,epson have the R290,then there is the R390 both have 6 colour cartidges.Both of those printers will be quite good.and will be within your range but have a look on Pricespy for their price (cont)

peepme, May 25, 8:44am
ReCanon iP4500 Bubble Jet Printer might be worth looking at too

_banchee_, May 25, 8:56pm
Thanks guys:) ..

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