Advice on graphics card

vin8, Dec 7, 2:31am
Hi just purchased ati radeon hd4350 512mb ddr2. it says 1gb hyper memory what does that mean? thanks

chillyxpress, Dec 7, 2:33am
It means in addition to the dedicated 512mb ddr2 on the graphic card it is also using 512mb shared memory from your computer's general memory.

vin8, Dec 7, 3:03am
is that good?

suicidemonkey, Dec 7, 3:31am
I personally don't see the point. Much better to have 1GB onboard the video card.

rgtrading, Dec 7, 3:31am
Not really. Shared memory is not as fast and it potentially means your will have 512mb less RAM for your computer to use.

michael.benn, Dec 8, 1:14am
Why would you get a 4350 ? Not into gaming ?

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