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roached, Dec 7, 3:34am
Has anybody got any suggestions?Quite some time ago our black ink cartridge ran out so whenever I needed to print anything I just changed the colour to something like green and then printed (using our colour ink cartridge like many other times).However our colour ink cartridge ran out the other day, so I bought a black cartridge.

However it printed one page fine and then printed half a page as if it was running out of ink and then stopped mid page and a message came up saying the printer is not responding.Tried many times unplugging and restarting, but it would do the whole fading page thing and then stop mid page.

Left it unplugged last night and tried again today.Got all excited as it printed one page but then it did the whole fading page and stopping thing again.

Does anybody have any suggestions as to what needs to be done?Very frustrating!!

drcspy, Dec 7, 4:48am
as it seems to have totally escaped you that it could have been helpful to post the make/model of your printer (they're NOT all the same you know), I can only offer some generic advice:

take the print head out if it's a model you can do that and sit it in hot water to try to unblock the jets.....

failing that throw the bloody printer away and buy another one.....

pandai, Dec 7, 5:17am
Wonder if you just cooked the print heads by printing without any ink

roached, Dec 7, 7:36am
Whoops, the make is Canon s200spx.Pandai - would it have cooked the heads even though it had colour ink and that was what it I got it to use to print?

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