Vista + Network Adaptor drivers

fizix, May 25, 8:11am
Vista + Network Adaptor drivers I have just installed Vista Ultimate to my computer. My motherboard is a Gigabyte GA-EP35-DS3P

and from some google searches the network adapter is a Realtek RTL8111B. I cannot find any drivers that work, or I think thats what I should be doing to be able to make a connection to the internet. I have tried to install drivers from the Gigabyte, Realtek websites as well as the driver cd that came with the motherboard but nothing so far has worked for me.

I have a D-Link 502-T modem/router which is connected to a Netgear wireless router which is all up and running, this is currently how I am connected to the internet on my laptop.

spyware, May 25, 8:32am
Look in device manager for any entries that are not installed correctly. All these entries have to be uninstalled before installing any driver.

fizix, May 25, 9:16am
There are no entries in device manager that have the exclamation mark. When I try and install the driver Realtek RTL8111 Ethernet Network Card Driver for Windows Vista which I have downloaded from the Realtek website, it installs and after I restart the comp it comes up with the message Found New Hardware. Windows needs to install driver software for your Ethernet Controller. So I click locate and install driver software. It then asks to insert the disc that came with your Ethernet controller, which I presume is the Gigabyte disc. It says it cannot detect the driver and that installation has failed. Then under device manager there is an error under other devices/ethernet controller.

fizix, May 25, 9:22am
I have also tried to to install the network adapter through add hardware, it comes up with common hardware types, in this list there is network adapters. I click on this which then loads into a new window which enables me to search from manufacturer and the type of network adapter. I select Realtek as the manufacturer. There is 4 different Realtek drivers that can be installed. I have tried all of them but none of them work. They just bring up and error in device manager under Network adapters and and the same error under other devices/ethernet controller.

spyware, May 25, 9:27am
You have to use some intuition and point the installer to the exact directory on the CD - don't expect installer to find the directory.

Use the add hardware wizard and point the installer to the exact directory (look for it first) on the CD. Alternative is to find a self extracting executable, extract contents to a known location, then run add hardware wizard.

helpless, May 25, 9:28am
Sounds like the Vista instalation Wizard is as good as XP's.Have you pointed it directly at the driver file which will be somewhere on the disc or in the thing you downloaded.

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