Microsoft access

teebee5, Dec 7, 8:12am
I am trying to make a datebase and need to find microsoft access I have downloaded one but it wont install can anyone help a lady out here please

dunedin_ree, Dec 7, 8:13am
What exactly have you downloaded?

Open Office (free) has a database application bundled with it.

if you explain what you're trying to achieve it may be that you don't actually need a database at all.

r.g.nixon, Dec 7, 8:19am
You can do simple 'databases' with a spreadsheet. Much easier.

radiowaves, Dec 7, 8:22am
Open Office Base sucks beyond belief.But it is free.

teebee5, Dec 7, 8:22am
I have downloaded microsoft professional, I am make a website for buttons about 20,000 and need to put these in a catalouge with photos and I want to import data from excel and put database into expression web

dunedin_ree, Dec 7, 8:24am
You would be better off using website software which already has some kind of inventory system rather than reinventing the wheel.

Are you trying to *sell* buttons?

johnhb, Dec 7, 8:27am
I'm interested in this too. Where exactly could one get "website software which already has some kind of inventory system rather than reinventing the wheel"?

I want to catalogue my "collectibles"collection.

dunedin_ree, Dec 7, 8:27am
Catalogue, not sell?

radiowaves, Dec 7, 8:30am
Then you will ideally need to learn a whole lot about PHP and MySQL.Good luck.

teebee5, Dec 7, 8:30am
yes i want to sell buttons worldwide, on a website with a online catalouge with pictures that people can look at before they buy, and that i can update with new pictures

dunedin_ree, Dec 7, 8:32am
Then you should look at OSCommerce or Zencart.

Lots of web hosting places have this software easily installable by clicking a few buttons.Having said that I would suggest getting someone to help you.

teebee5, Dec 7, 8:36am
my partner is helping me but does not know much about writing code so we decided to go with access which looked quite easy to use we have made the home page and now trying to add the buttons to a database we are using expression web and I have buttons in a excel spreed sheet

dunedin_ree, Dec 7, 8:37am
That's not the best way to build it, by a long shot.

teebee5, Dec 7, 8:38am
what can I do

dunedin_ree, Dec 7, 8:38am
I suggested OSCommerce and Zencart...

gibler, Dec 7, 10:37am
+1. Sadly people do love reinventing the wobbly wheel.

foxdonut, Dec 7, 10:52am
Not everyone is aware of their options.

OP - Access is not the answer. Jump into google and look for "opensource shopping cart script".

bob7771, Dec 7, 11:56pm
another alternative is to use advancepro - it has a really good inventory system (that I use at work) and also good web integration and ecommerce. well worth a look

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