kerry261, Dec 11, 6:05am
Hi, Hoping anyone who is a whizz can help me. I have a HP Deskjet F2280 All In One Printer. I have just out in 2 new cartridges and it seemed to be fine. But now all the Attention lights are flashing and also when I try to push copy a E light comes up as well. Have tried putting the ink back in and reloading paper but nothing works. Why is it doing this, I really hope someone can help.Thank you.

dunedin_ree, Dec 11, 6:10am
Does the manual say what the "E" error code means?

wombatunder, Dec 11, 6:23am
An out-of-date cartridge?Try this.

1.Power off the printer
2.Turn your computer date/time back a couple of years.
3.Power on the printer and give it half a minute for the computer to "find" the printer.
4.Now try to print a test page.

Put the date/time back to the correct one.

If 4) worked then you should be OK - print a test page to be sure.It should now keep working OK until next time you power off the printer.Powering off the computer should be OK...leave the printer in standby rather than powering it off.

As to why - HP has a habit of setting up a nasty little IC strip in its cartridges that preset a date after which they want you to buy more cartridges.Typically, you'll start getting "expired" warnings a couple of weeks before that date, even though the cartridge might be nearly full."Expired" means out-of-date, not empty. You can just keep ignoring those warnings until you get the printer refusing to print because the cartridge actually has run out.It's when you put in already out-of-date cartridges that it behaves as you have described.

kerry261, Dec 11, 7:25pm
wombatunder thank you for your comment. I checked the dates on the ink that I bought on trade me and the date on the black on is 2005/12/09 UIT remanufactured ink cartridge. So I took that out and left the colour one in, now it let me print a test page but wouldn't let me print any documents. Althought the E on the printer has now gone to a O.Can you tell me will the printer not work with only one cartridge in it?
It won't scan either for some reason. Can you help me?

drcspy, Dec 11, 7:30pm
try the old standby.........reinstall the bugger

guest, Feb 15, 10:15am
how do i put in cartridge?

guest, Nov 1, 11:39am
i have got a hp deskjet f2280 tryed installing it but it wont itsayin that its not connceted 2 my computer it is all connceted but the light on the printer is falshing and nothing else is lighting up on the printer and when i open the flap 2 get to the cartridges they dont slide across help me plz

mustapha, Jun 21, 9:50am
error code 8

dee_gee, Oct 9, 10:37pm
my printer is printing only black.. no words!

guest, Aug 30, 12:54pm
Hi My printer wont print a spreadsheet coming up error... but it will print a picture....

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