AC adapter help.

king35, Dec 12, 11:27pm
Yesterday my laptop adapter stopped working. So I decided to buy a new adapter. Problem is the price difference. 337204065 this auction the adapter is $84 while the auction which i won (339971840) is only $22. Both has same input/output but why such price difference? Is it because of the warranty difference. HP help support has been horrible.Any help appreciated.

vtecintegra, Dec 12, 11:31pm
One is HP branded the other isn't

Same way it often costs more to buy genuine parts for a car than generic alternatives

king35, Dec 12, 11:40pm
But it says Hp compaq..... and the adapter fits the serial number of my previous adapter. So the one i won isn't genuine?? will this cause any problems??? The previous adapter been working fine for almost 2 years now and randomly stop working. Checked the inside and the fuse wasn't blown or anything.

lostdude, Dec 12, 11:45pm
The reason the brand name is mentioned in the auction is just to indicated compatibility. In the description of the auction, it is stated as being"NON-OEM" which means compatible (not manufactured by Original Manufacturer).

king35, Dec 12, 11:47pm
BTW thank you very much. I wasn't looking at the picture properly and was more focused on the specification, my old adapter matched picture of the $84 and not the $22.

vtecintegra, Dec 12, 11:48pm
I wouldn't worry about it its probably fine.

king35, Dec 12, 11:53pm
Thanks mate, dam i should have researched a bit more about this before buying.

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