Skype.exe in task manager

lilyfield, Dec 14, 12:57am
if I set this to above priority- would it help in calls not dropping so often?

rz_zone, Dec 14, 1:06am
Whats your speedtest result?

suicidemonkey, Dec 14, 1:41am
No, sounds like a connection issue.

Try if you want though. Can't hurt.

lilyfield, Dec 14, 1:50am

lilyfield, Dec 14, 1:51am

and that is the other party.

this only ever happens between us two. All my other skype contacts are fine

rz_zone, Dec 14, 2:01am
your upload speed is s*** tbh

lostdude, Dec 14, 3:51am
Nope, probably on a plan with 128Kbps upload. Anyway OP, test on a server closer to your recipient as they have done with their test.

badcam, Dec 14, 4:53am
I'm with Xnet. Just recently (up until a week ago, for around four weeks) I was having a shed-load of drop outs on Skype and my connection was pretty poor. Now, I'm not getting any. IMO, the problem WAS Xnet (I did call them and they did advise that their network was overloaded and would be corrected within the month. It was) and this has happened before with them. It's only once every so often, and there's nothing I can o about it until they arrange for more capacity with Telecom. IMO. I use a good 40GB a month on Skype calls and believe me, it is frustrating when calls constantly drop. Now, everything's perfectly fine and my line speed is good too.

Who is your ISP?

lostdude, Dec 14, 4:59am suggests they are with Orcon

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