Scanner advice please

silkycat, Dec 14, 11:03pm
I want to buy a scanner to scan old photographs and other items to use in graphic design. I want something that will give reasonably good resolution so I can print out. I use a Mac. Any suggestions?

drcspy, Dec 14, 11:05pm
just about any modern printer/scanner will scan in VERY high res .....

drcspy, Dec 14, 11:06pm
my brother dcp-165c wll scan up to 19200 x 19200 thats too high for the computer to handle lol

r.g.nixon, Dec 15, 12:14am
*All* of the detail in a photograph (positive print) will be picked up by a 300dpi scan (colour) or 400dpi (greyscale).

You only need go higher when scanning negatives.

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