External CD/DVD advice for a thickie!

zoo8, Dec 16, 9:04pm
My son's laptop is a smaller one which does not have a CD/DVD drive - this appears to be pretty standard with notebooks now. But the video game shops are still filled with games in DVD format, and he has some games which he wants to load. I know I can now buy an external USB DVD reader for loading the games on but find it hard to believe that this is how everyone does this, seeing as it's getting harder to find these drives to buy. Obviously I'm completely out-of-touch, but how does everyone load these games onto their laptops? Does everyone just buy a separate external drive? Help!

pheonix, Dec 16, 9:15pm
You can buy adaptors for 3.5 hard drives which will also run a CD/DVD
The small laptops which have no CD/DVD drive will not be capable of running a lot of modern games anyway, so it would be best to get advise before buying any games.

lostdude, Dec 16, 11:38pm
As above. He has a Netbook, which are crap to run ANYTHING that is graphics intensive (like a direct3D game). Either buy him a proper laptop with decent graphics and cd/dvd drive or a desktop (which you can get better hardware for the same amount of money).

blenheim-trader, Dec 16, 11:42pm
If the laptop is capable of running games , Install Virtual CloneDrive on laptop and Computer that has a Dvd drive and make an image of game then copy the image via a *Flash Drive* to the laptop.


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