geek_puttking, Dec 18, 9:16 pm
hi how many people out there are with this company and are having nothing but trouble getting on line..tired of their lame wireless and we only get to have internet access for 5 mins at the most before cutting off...

geek_surfhash, Dec 18, 9:51 pm
Whats the problem?

geek_little_egypt, Dec 18, 10:13 pm
Find out where your 'demark' is .. often it'll be the phone socket in the kitchen (don't ask.. it just is) and will have one pair of bigger, black wires coming in, and other pair(s) going to all the other sockets in the house.

Disconnect everything. Get a nice new wallsocket from DSE and 'punch' it directly to the big pair. Plug your DSL router directly into that socket, with no other telephone equipment at all. Set up a laptop next to it or run a long Cat-5 cable to your computer and see how the connection is. Call yourself from a cellphone and see if it drops off.

If the connection is still not working right then it's telstra's problem. Call them up, explain exactly what you did and get them to fix it.

More likely the connection will start working, which means it's your problem... connect things back up normally but unplug all the phones, and see if that is still OK. If not, you have a fault in the house wiring.

Otherwise keep testing the connection as you plug in one thing after another, until you find what's causing the problem. Most likely you have a faulty filter somewhere.

geek_woogmo, Dec 18, 10:13 pm
"No wireless" won't be their problem

With Telstra for 2 years, very good service and never waited more than a few minutes to speak to helpdesk

geek_drcspy, Dec 18, 10:15 pm

geek_hayster94, Dec 18, 10:28 pm
Yep, I always found them really helpfull when I called

geek_puttking, Dec 19, 5:22 am
WOOGMO!! you must be working for them!

geek_little_egypt, Dec 19, 5:28 am
Also 'no wireless' will be a completely different problem. Sort out the wired connection first, then start a new thread and we'll help you get the wireless working next.

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