Virtualbox Adapter settings

charles.j, Dec 19, 2:07am
I have two network adapters on a computer.

Is there a way so that the computer will only use one adapter for itself, and the second is ONLY for virtual machines?

I hope that makes sense :)

drcspy, Dec 19, 2:11am
disable one in the vm ?I cant' check this as I dont have virtualbox installed just now .....(did have)

little_egypt, Dec 19, 2:21am
Leave one adapter unconfigured in your host OS, and only configure that adapter in virtualbox. RTFM ;)

charles.j, Dec 19, 2:35am
I was more worried that the host OS would try and use both, Not so much the other way around

flewy, Dec 19, 4:33am
well if they are both plugged in then you just select between eth0 andeth1

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