Help with Acer Laptop Pls

Auction 341516979 .What setting would cause the laptop keyboard to not work?Is it easily fixable?Have emailed seller and not heard back.Cheers

geek_kirk.hammett, Dec 19, 7:03 pm

heh probably spilled a drink over the keyboard.
Anyway since it is an acer == avoid!

geek_gibler, Dec 19, 7:11 pm

LOL."i have set the laptop back to factory settings" shows it's not a setting thats the problem.


geek_swivel, Dec 19, 7:42 pm

Really - I have two, have had one other never had any serious issue.

My local repair man says Acer's always have the parts available, unlike some other brands you can't get parts for.

My only issue was a bios update issue in my mini laptop.

geek_rawill, Dec 19, 8:50 pm

I guess if you've had two then that speaks for all Acers. As for the parts thing, it's a bit like a Subaru. There are plenty of parts available for Subarus because there are plently of ###ked Subarus.

geek_puddleduck00, Dec 19, 9:27 pm

I have acer 5310 , survived 4 years with at least

geek_project_gundam, Dec 19, 9:59 pm

Good for you. In case you think we just make up the acer == crap line...:

geek_gibler, Dec 19, 10:08 pm

YEAH I know how crap they are portrayed .The only prob i have had with it is a broken key , constant freezing which i blame on vista - a broken screen when I dropped it. ...Once fixed i got win7 and now randomly freezes for like 5 mins for no reason .Time for a new one me thinks

geek_project_gundam, Dec 19, 10:50 pm

constant freezing...........turn off indexing

geek_drcspy, Dec 20, 8:37 am

How do you turn off indexing?

geek_nobles, Dec 20, 11:44 am

google it

geek_drcspy, Dec 20, 11:47 am

+1 Like say google, turning off indexing on windows vista or seven.

geek_johnf_456, Dec 20, 12:10 pm

Thank you once again. This suggestion appears so far to have worked.

geek_nobles, Dec 20, 12:51 pm

$500 buy now. What a bloody joke. Another example of a rip off merchant trying to get rid of broken crap on unsuspecting traders.

geek_hakatere1, Dec 20, 1:09 pm

Nope, indexing is turned off & it still freezes & fails to connect. Tech tomorrow.

geek_nobles, Dec 20, 6:44 pm