Acer amd sempron processor ?? Can I...

redcoat2, Dec 19, 7:03am
pull it out of my MB and replace it with an athlon. KK as you have guessed im a bit clueless about what you can and cannot do with a computer.

But here are teh details on myold laptop its 4 years old and still goes well
has microsoft xp professional

sempron processor3400+
2.01 Ghz

2 Gb of ram

gibler, Dec 19, 7:05am
hmmm cpu upgrades, acer and laptop ... sounds like a triangle of doom.

redcoat2, Dec 19, 7:06am
oh sorry i meant to say desktop

redcoat2, Dec 19, 7:17am
oh yeah and its a socket 754

demonknight, Dec 19, 7:17am
Find out what socket this sempron uses, then it's straightforward from there.

suicidemonkey, Dec 19, 7:38am
$25 for a 3GHz processor.. man that's insane.

redcoat2, Dec 19, 7:42am
okay thanks for that
oh boy

cube_guy, Dec 19, 7:55am
Ah, none of the cpus in that link are 3ghz. If you are referring to the 3000+ cpus, from memory they only run at 1.8ghz

suicidemonkey, Dec 19, 8:13am
Either way, bloody cheap for a semi-decent cpu

vtecintegra, Dec 19, 9:17am
There isn't anything wrong with the Sempron - its like an Athlon with a little less cache.

OP you are likely better off spending your money elsewhere - more RAM can give an immediate (and relatively cheap) speed boost

redcoat2, Dec 19, 9:51am
yeps i already have 2 Gb of 400DDR ram installed thats as much and as high as i can go

ruki1, Dec 19, 11:03am
Consider upgrading the graphics card for better performance

vtecintegra, Dec 19, 9:41pm
I really think you've already gone as far as you can on a Socket 754 system.You can get faster processors for that socket but noting really worthwhile.

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