FF and adblock

skin1235, Dec 19, 9:45am
used to be that if I blocked the ad panel on the right the page would stretch and occupy that space, latest FF and updated adblock I can remove the ad but the page is no longer filling that space, almost like an invisible frame still occupies it
any suggestions

skin1235, Dec 19, 9:46am
notice also that when renwing the view the page does occupy that area for a second then shrinks back to just the center of the page again

hellfx, Dec 19, 12:28pm
get the adblock element hider
its an addon

..pip.., Dec 19, 8:52pm
OMG thanks so much for this tip.This Addon is MAGIC!!

phoenix2004, Dec 19, 8:53pm
yep addons are awesome :)

skin1235, Dec 19, 10:13pm

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