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charles.j, Dec 19, 11:56pm

It seems the reviews get better and better. I have yet to try it out.

Is anyone running it here?

little_egypt, Dec 20, 12:15am

It's everything Ubuntu should have been.

charles.j, Dec 20, 12:22am
Hmm. Time for a VM then :)

twaymouth, Dec 20, 12:34am
I am currently running it and its really great. It works far better on my laptop than windows ever did. It also enables edge scrolling using the laptops touch pad which is a feature I really like. There are a few minor annoyances namely the automatic updates which want to download the same update day after day. This is easily fixed by turning of automatic updates and just updating manually. Definitely worth giving it a try!!

dino7, Dec 20, 8:37am
is it worth replacing Mint 9 which i loaded on a system to have a play with and was impressed.

little_egypt, Dec 20, 9:36am
I never used Mint 9 so I can't say. It may have been just as good.

demonknight, Dec 20, 9:49am
FYI Mint 9 is supported until April 2013, Mint 10..2012.

ross1970, Dec 20, 9:55am
Got it running in Virtualbox on 7 atm. Definitely like it so far. Might have to give Linux a serious go this time. This seems pretty nice to use.

mikek, Dec 20, 9:57am
I know of a reasonable sized business ~100 staff who is rolling it out as their laptop/desktop standard platform.-Pretty interesting.

seriouslycgi, Dec 20, 10:16am
hey charles.j can you email me the name of the primary school you changed over to ltsp? or give me details of what you did and i can give you the email of the principal here who is interested in trying out linux that way both principals/IT can make contact.

rozendaal, Dec 20, 10:04pm
Ubuntu 10 is pretty good. I just upgraded from Ubuntu 8 on my desktop to make my first ever trouble free install... I am still thinking about upgrading Mint 8 on my laptop to 9 or 10 [I have 9 on a disc] but it still works fine as it is.

lostdude, Dec 20, 10:07pm
I prefer the layout of Mint 10 vs Ubuntu 10. IMO, Mint 10 is the sleekest linux release yet. Design looks a lot like OSX but layout is like Windows LOL.

hayster94, Dec 20, 10:37pm
I'll probably be installing it later this week, im only using mint 7 atm.

It looks really good though

asterixs, Dec 21, 1:26am
I upgraded my Mum's laptop (five year old Asus 1.5ghz 512 ram) to Mint 9 from Mint 7 and it flys, it's noticibly faster than Mint 7 and more stable.Haven't tried Mint 10 yet but have heard good things.

nizmonut, Dec 21, 1:37am
have they fixed the issue with it not saving internet information...

example(bejeweled scores) etc, play a game, hit refresh and you still have no top score/.

yendor, Dec 21, 3:08am
Does it play youtube videos smoothly?, Ubuntu would not on my laptop.

twaymouth, Dec 21, 3:13am
Mine plays YouTube videos perfectly, however I first had to upgrade my flash player,

charles.j, Dec 21, 3:28am
Funny story,

It would be wrong for me to post too much details.

But the role was reversed as the "I.T consultant" was an M$ fanboy. My boss and the teachers wanted it but he cried a country mile. It got very political and tempers flared because nothing worked(only my linux boxes did, which made things worse).

Windows pc's wouldn't login, if they did it took 60mins, Net filters failed, everything sucked. My stuff was the only thing left working solidly in the school. The kids starting using Linux more and more, so eventually he accused me of sabotage(This is where i'll leave it).

I was made "redundant" due to "restructuring".

To my amusement, since I left, things got worse.

I can however give you all my notes and stuff on Ubuntu LTSP's if you'd like(If I can find them).

little_egypt, Dec 21, 3:57am

Yeah, yeah.. I haven't had a problem with it for quite a while. But I'm also in the habit of watching web video by using downloadhelper because it avoids buffering and I usually want to watch things more than once.

charles.j, Dec 21, 4:25am
#18 summed up.

It was deployed in their computing room for about 2-3 months with no troubles

flewy, Dec 21, 5:02am
i still prefer Ubuntu, just with all the bit and pieces.

badcam, Dec 21, 5:40am
I noticed that with moving to Mint 9 as well. Quite dramatic. I finally succumb to trying out Mint 10, mainly because I accidentally completely borked my Mint 9.0 install on my laptop, so it was worth trying a fresh install.

10's good. A tonne of nice little subtle touches, that are really easy to miss, but pretty much the same as 9. No dramatic changes. A little buggy with a few things and the fonts seem a little different to 9. I'm probably wrong there, but FF looks different.

Try adding two locations to the Panel Clock and open them. Does the location and month box move halfway past the top of the screen for you? If it does, can you find a way to move it back down, so it can all be seen and stay there?

Not bad so far.

badcam, Dec 21, 5:41am
Mint is still much more to my liking than Ubuntu.

badcam, Dec 25, 3:18am
Gotta say. There are some very nice little touches in Mint 10:

hayster94, Dec 26, 4:55am
Lol ok..I'm about to install it over mint 7. What was the name of that dock you were using badcam?

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