Wireless USB Adapter Help

vtecintegra, Dec 20, 1:16am
Yes it will require some configuration.

Might be easier just to buy a new standalone modem router that already supports wifi

mzthang1, Dec 20, 9:46pm
Well I was hoping someone on here could help me with the configurations

lostdude, Dec 20, 10:02pm
You can't plug that adapter into your modem to enable wifi for your other devices. You can however, plug it into a PC, enable adhoc & internet connection sharing (so long as you already have a wired connection to the modem) then have all other wifi devices connect to your PC to access the internet. BUT, this method will more than likely go over your head so as vtecintegra said, you'll be better off getting a wireless router.

little_egypt, Dec 20, 10:40pm
I have one. Under Linux you just plug it in and pick the network name and then enter the password if it's a secure network. Under Windows it'll be the same except you'll need to install drivers first.

It's just like any other wireless adapter.

little_egypt, Dec 20, 10:42pm
Waitnoitisn't .. ignore what I just said ;)

If you want an access point just buy a normal access point. If you want a wireless network adapter I'd probably go for something else. This looks like the one I have and I think has the same ZyDAS chipset but afaik mine doesn't act like an access point...

drcspy, Dec 20, 10:53pm
one word you should google 'connectify'.........if you have win7 any wireless adaptor can act as an accesspoint for other computers/devices........

vtecintegra, Dec 20, 10:55pm
It can but in my experience you are better off with a proper wireless router for ease of use and stability.

lostdude, Dec 20, 10:56pm
You don't even need that for win7. It's built-in to the OS...

little_egypt, Dec 20, 10:59pm
It appears to be providing a proper AP, not just a normal adapter using an ad-hoc connection. Some chipsets can do that.

I still wouldn't buy it. Because You then have a big expensive powerhungry computer that you can't turn off or reboot or take with you to LAN parties because then all your other devices will stop getting an internet connection.

little_egypt, Dec 20, 11:04pm
Damn.. I have to install and configure three packages for that (wireless-tools, hostapd and dhcp3d)

lostdude, Dec 20, 11:12pm
LOL yeah one more advantage for 7... but it's not like it's that easy though... 3rd party firewalls, crappy AVs (like norton) or more than 1 wireless adapter (even virtual ones) can render it completely useless. On Sat, it took me half n hour to configure one laptop that had ALL 3 lol. Every other laptop was fine but this one had Nortons AND a rogue virtual wireless adapter that stopped it from working... all this just so everyone could play a poker lan game (no wireless router) LOL.

lostdude, Dec 20, 11:15pm
PS: and no, I wasn't about to fix their "rogue virtual wireless adapter" problem because they're the kind that think that you get what you pay for... and they paid for Nortons LOL.

richms, Dec 21, 1:45am
A friend bought one of those because their nintendo would not connect to wifi at the place they were at because it needed logging in via a splash screen.

Unreliable is an understatement.

Is there a reason you cant use a proper router? Like sharing a wireless internet connection provided by a USB modem or something?

mzthang1, Dec 21, 3:07am
Ok then since you all say I should just get a wireless router, what kind do I get? I currently have a speedtouch from Telecom, running Vista, and dont have wireless/bluetooth on my PC.

little_egypt, Dec 21, 6:00am
I'm quite happy with my dlink. G604T

It does the job and it's pretty reliable. Also I picked it up on eday a couple of years ago so the price was the best!

Four ports, so anything that doesn't have wireless you just plug it in. And it has all the usual features like dyndns updating, DHCP-assigned fixed IP's (paired to the MAC address) and port forwarding if you want to run services.

richms, Dec 21, 6:44am
Find what your ISP will support and get one. They may give you a freebie if you extend your contract with them. Threaten changing ISP to get a free router and see what they do.

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