Your advice required please

Hi All, I have a laptop computer that has run out of memory - now I would like your opinion on if a hard drive is appropriate - it that what expansion hard drives are for.Whats the difference between a normal external hard drive and an expansion hard drive?Should I get an external hard drive or a slightly budget friendly new CPU.Ive had to take most of the things off here as it doesnt have enough memory - its a Compaq 2252AP if this makes any difference.It keeps telling me it is low on virtual memory also.TIA

geek_gr8stuf4me, Dec 20, 4:42 pm

Memory and hard drive space are not the same.If you're getting warnings about low virtual memory, you either need to increase the size of your swap file (if your OS doesn't already use all available hard drive space for this purpose) or invest in more RAM.

geek_thegilly, Dec 20, 5:09 pm

If it's still got the original 256M ram that it came with then it'd run like a dog. I'd suggest pick up a pair of 512M DDR333's off trademe.. A gig is the most it can take.

Also upgrade the hard drive. It's PATA (IDE) not SATA and the stock drive for that laptop was only 30G .. You should be able to chuck a 160 in it and have heaps more space.

geek_little_egypt, Dec 20, 5:12 pm

Hi little_egypt - yes its only got the standard memory and ram etc that it came with from when I bought it as I havent modified anything as I didnt really know enough about it.Hence asking for your assistance.Cheers

geek_gr8stuf4me, Dec 20, 6:22 pm

Memory and Ram are the same thing

geek_jancemord, Dec 20, 6:26 pm

Actually HD is long term memory and RAM is short term memory

geek_johnlyn, Dec 20, 6:29 pm

Was meaning memory and hard drive lol :)

geek_gr8stuf4me, Dec 20, 6:38 pm

please detail exactly how you 'know' it's run out of 'memory' ?Also the low on virtual memory message could be related to the possibility that really you have run out of HARDDRIVE space (this is NOT 'memory')................

be exact in telling us why you think it's out of 'memory'.......and post how much ram you have (right clik my computer then clik properties)

geek_drcspy, Dec 20, 7:48 pm

Bear with me a sec drcspy and I will do my best to tell you.Okay the machine runs very slowly and it frequently comes up with an alert telling me that it is running low on virtual memory.I thought my taking programmes and stuff off of it would help but it doesnt seem to have long term. It has 224m of ram in it is what it tells me under general properties.That is all that it has.

geek_gr8stuf4me, Dec 20, 8:25 pm