Need advice on removing PSU from the case/covering

kiwigal, Dec 20, 11:00am
Doing a ITX build pc,have a MIRCO psu & a trader that pops in here from time to time.

Have been told me that the PSU I have often blows due to the heat & needs a 2nd fan,the PSU is a 80watt tiny PSU.

Been thinking that I might remove the guts of the PSU place a larger 70/80mm fan over the top instead of using the 40mm fan it has now.

I am stilling working out what the base board for the rig is going to be made out of,was thinking of having a nice sheet of s/steel,but IF I remove the cover from the PSU I might go to f/glass.

Thanks for looking & any comments are welcome.

jcmp21, Dec 20, 5:52pm
I don't know much about PSU models etc, but remember to be careful if you open them up as they can hold a nasty charge for a wee while. You probably already know that but just in case you didn't :)

twaymouth, Dec 20, 8:15pm
If you are planning on removing the case from around the PSU ensure that the PSU's circuit board is still well grounded.

Most PSU's are grounded by one of the corner screws holding the circuit board into the case.

If you are going to remove the entire case you will have to run an earth wire from this corner to the incoming mains ground point to ensure safety and RFI protection.

kiwigal, Dec 20, 10:39pm
I am planing to use a lexan rc car body for the top of my case and f/glass for the base plate to the's a ITX build that I am making as a one of kind...

quoted "Most PSU's are grounded by one of the corner screws holding the circuit board into the case."
Have made & worked on MANY pc's only seen that ONCE in 4yrs of working/replacing pc parts...

Re post by jcmp21,the PSU is new & unused,but is looking at removing the casing for better cooling....

Thanks for the comments.... Still wanting your thoughts advice...

kiwigal, Dec 20, 10:41pm
Just a quick thought,what would happen if I was to remove the PSU & drill lots of really BIG holes in the metal cases???

That should help with air flow???

mrfxit, Dec 20, 10:53pm
Perhaps mount a 2nd 40mm fan slightly above the original fan or mount a 2nd 40m fan at the other end blowing on to the psu.

A few descrete extra holes in the tail end could also help with an end fan & any extra overflow from that fan would simply flow around the case adding cooling to other componantes

mrfxit, Dec 20, 10:56pm
If done with flow considerations then could be a good idea.
Micro Psu's don't normaly have a good rep for reliability & even less if overheating/stressed.
also because of their micro size, can prove to be a hassle getting replacements.
Have you already got some spare psu's of that size?

kiwigal, Dec 20, 11:01pm
quoted "Have you already got some spare psu's of that size?"

Short answer,No...was lucky to get the one that I have...

Will take the PSU apart & drill some holes in the end...Looking to use a USB hard drive (laptop) for the hard drive etc...
Thats to reduce the stain on the PSU.

becka2, Dec 20, 11:20pm
Why not set it up for one fan pushing air through and one fan pulling the air out, better than drilling holes I'd say

richms, Dec 21, 12:14am
An 80 watt PSU should only be making 4-5 watts of heat, which is nothing in the scheme of things.

I would be more suspect that you are overloading one of the rails. Even then, any 80 watt PSU should be able to deal with it.

Have you considered going external brick and one of the small PSUs that just makes the 5 and 3.3 rails that plugs into the ATX connector?

kane199, Dec 21, 12:33am
Any pictures of the offending PSU??

kiwigal, Dec 21, 10:52pm
I will have to take some pics later today & upload late tonight... things are getting busy here now...

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