Dummies Guide - Starting An Online Business

mmmail, Dec 21, 4:53am
Just wondering if anyone has read it - is it worth investing in a copy - as in early 2011, I will be headed down that path?(will also try a "books" post for this one).Are there any other books/online sources YOU found helpful, pls.Thoughts appreciated?Thank you.

dunedin_ree, Dec 21, 4:58am
Not really my area - but if it's an American book make sure you read up on NZ-specific IRD matters as well (IRD website would be a good place to start).

Kudos for doing research before you start!

swivel, Dec 21, 8:54am
Well the best thing you could do is contact IRD.They will help you out with whats needed and also tax's you may have to pay etc. And it's FREE

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