What's best freeware for slow pc?

ash369, Dec 24, 9:49pm
It's got Windows xp and become slow-as.

ettenyl, Dec 24, 9:54pm
I wouldn't mind a dollar for every time I've heard that.
Linux is free

gibler, Dec 24, 9:55pm
auslogic disk defrag

I'll let you use the google to find them..

drcspy, Dec 24, 10:04pm
the best freeware in such a situation is to use your brain (free) and determine WHY it's slow..............

hakatere1, Dec 24, 10:16pm
2nd Ccleaner and Malwarebytes. Also as the dr says, the brain lol. Get Googling and be a WHY people as per your great profile quote.

drcspy, Dec 24, 10:20pm
hahah how very appropriate

ash369, Dec 24, 10:37pm
Boo hoo -- sigh.Sorry I asked.

ettenyl, Dec 24, 10:44pm
What,- a whole lot of stuff loading at boot time that you don't need in your RAM
How,- open a command box and type in msconfig. select the start up tab and turn off all the apps you don't use all the time eg. acrobat reader, msn messenger, quicktime...you'll see them. Then have a short arguement with xp about whether or not you know what you're doing and restart.
Why,- because you can

deodar1, Dec 25, 1:37am
Drop it off a cliff.Don't forget to let go before it hits bottom
(where the ambulance waits).

elv, Dec 25, 6:18pm
You may need to re install windows to speed it up.

ghosty666, Dec 25, 7:02pm
How old is said computer? Computers do seem to run a lot slower in old age. Well that's what I've found anyways. Could always go and get Tuneup Utilities, http://www.tune-up.com/download/ , and see if that helps. It's only a trial but it's worth having a look at.

acura, Dec 25, 10:04pm
Yeah format c: all the way.

loonee-dial-111, Dec 25, 10:24pm
linux is slow unless you are a wizard
(as in slow-er comparing dual boot fresh install xubuntu and windows 2k browsing the internet)

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