Advice on desktop icons disapeared and when

create a short cut to desktop it doesn't appear?

geek_equinekiwi, Dec 26, 12:11 pm

Windows Key + D

geek_r.g.nixon, Dec 26, 12:22 pm

create shortcut puts the shortcut in the target folder, send to desktop as shortcut puts the icon on the desktop

geek_ettenyl, Dec 26, 12:35 pm

hi i found out where it puts the icons but when i click on create short cut to send back to there it doesnt create it again?

geek_equinekiwi, Dec 26, 12:41 pm

what version of windows ?

(this is probably the most basic piece of important info you should be providing )

geek_drcspy, Dec 26, 12:47 pm

right-click on desktop, "Arrange icons by > Show desktop icons"

geek_little_egypt, Dec 26, 12:51 pm

it's vista.
first time it's done that before.
i right clicked on desk top and it hasnt got an arrange icons by

geek_equinekiwi, Dec 26, 1:00 pm

vista is right click view/show destop icons

geek_ettenyl, Dec 26, 1:04 pm

done it and sorry it does show 'show desktop icons' but it has a tick next to it to show that that feature has been clicked?
but its still not putting icons on desktop?

geek_equinekiwi, Dec 26, 1:15 pm

i unclicked it and reclicked it again but not showing up

geek_equinekiwi, Dec 26, 1:16 pm

so UNtick it then REtick it

geek_drcspy, Dec 26, 1:16 pm

try just dragging the icon from here to the desktop

geek_ettenyl, Dec 26, 1:27 pm

i did it and it went to desk top,stayed a while and then disapeared?

geek_equinekiwi, Dec 26, 4:26 pm