Installing a brother mfc-j265w printer

saharamist, Dec 26, 12:43pm
I have purchased one of these and am having trouble installing it. It is stuck on "fax" and beeps everytime I try to switch it to scan or copy. The cartridges are installed and have managed to print with USB connected. But I purchased this for the wireless and cant switch to different uses and also don't need the fax. Can anyone please advise how to install this properly! The instructions aren't helpful and the printer says "press start" which I have tried to do and it just beeps and doesn't go any furher. Thanks

ettenyl, Dec 26, 6:56pm
have you removed the transportation blocks from the scanner/copier?

saharamist, Dec 26, 7:14pm
I have removed all the packaging just cant get any further. It has three beeps whenever I try to switch it over to copier or scanner or even menu. Won't allow me to do anything except says to press start which I do and get three beeps too.

ettenyl, Dec 26, 7:33pm

saharamist, Dec 26, 7:44pm
Thanks have already tried looking up problem but can't find it. Might try to un-install it and start again. Frustrating as my previous hp printer was a breeze to set up.

saharamist, Dec 26, 11:19pm
Yah got it to work now, thanks everyone!

tadpolesoup, Dec 26, 11:45pm
Yay for you. You have told us all about your problem. How about letting people who may have a similar problem kow you fixed it.

hakatere1, Dec 27, 5:26pm
Doubt if he/she will be back to answer this one. That is until they have another noob moment.

saharamist, Dec 27, 8:03pm
How nice of you hakatere1!

I am back and I read the instructions carefully and took my time and it worked. It was late at night when I first tried it and got frustrated and having a blonde moment so not sure what went wrong but the second attempt fine. Even got the wireless to work. Never had a brother before only hp and have found an app for iPhone for the brother too. Pity can't print a webpage from iPhone which is what I really wanted it for will have to research it.

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