Wireless printer problem

joy1010, Dec 27, 4:46am
Hi, I have a hp wireless printer and I'm trying to connect it to my hp laptop and I go through the set up program and it asks me to type in the IP address which is on the printer display, so I do that and then it searches for the printer and the computer cant find the printer. Does anyony know why it cant find the printer?


drcspy, Dec 27, 5:48am
whats YOUR ip addy and what's the printers one ?

they could be on a different range for example
maybe your ip is

and the printer is

clik start/run then type in ipconfig /all and tap enter that'll tell you your ip addy

joy1010, Dec 27, 6:17am
Thanks for reply drcspy. The ip address is and the printer is192.168.0.100

Not sure where to go from here. Does he have to change it and if so how does he go about it.

drcspy, Dec 27, 6:22am
are you sure your IP address is ? are you connected to a wireless router/modem and if so what's the make/model ?

drcspy, Dec 27, 6:24am
your IP addy will be listed

under startbutton/run

then type in CMD

then hit enter then in the box you get type in

ipconfig /all

then tap enter

then look for

wireless lan adaptor


report back

joy1010, Dec 27, 6:27am
Yes he said Ip address is as above. He is using a wireless router/modem and it is a D LinkDIR600.Thanks

joy1010, Dec 27, 6:29am
Just got last message will get back to him and get him to recheck ip address as you have said.

drcspy, Dec 27, 6:34am
factory default IP is for the router as far as a quick google tells me so your computer should have an IP addy in the same range...... just the last number will be different

joy1010, Dec 27, 6:35am
Hi again. Got down to typing ipconfig/all then when he tapped enter it came up this system cannot find the path specified.

drcspy, Dec 27, 6:36am
because you got it wrong

it's NOT


it IS

ipconfig /all

note the space between ipconfig and /all

this is VERY important

joy1010, Dec 27, 6:55am
Done that and says for IPV4 address is has Does that sound right.

vtecintegra, Dec 27, 7:00am
No that is a public address.

How are you connected to the internet?

joy1010, Dec 27, 7:08am
Connected by wireless router. Sorry to be a pain but i am just relaying to you information he is giving me via phone.

d.snell, Dec 27, 7:20am
Check your submask is.. on the computer, the routerand the printer.

spyware, Dec 27, 7:27am is a cable modem address. The computer is configured with this public address and both cable modem and computer are connected to LAN interface on DIR-600. Aint going to work of course as no routing occurs. Cable modem has to be connected to router's WAN interface. Public IP needs to be configured on router WAN interface and removed from computer.

joy1010, Dec 27, 7:30am
Have checked and submask is on the router but he doesnt know how to get the computer and printer submask.

vtecintegra, Dec 27, 7:32am
As per post 15 that network setup is wonky and will need to be fixed before you can do what you want.

joy1010, Dec 27, 7:51am
Thanks spyware re: post 15. Is it possible to explain how to do this or will he have to take it in to get it done. Would like to try and do it but not quite sure where to start. All help appreciated. Thanks

spyware, Dec 27, 8:01am
DIR-600 manual page 19 is all that one needs to understand, static IP in question is the TCL provided address that is currently on PC. You'll need to take note of gateway address and dns server addresses as supplied by TCL. Computer can then be changed to receive an IP address via DHCP and will receive if printer already has the previous address.

joy1010, Dec 27, 8:20am
Has tried to access interface to the router but it comes up with

Your computer appears to be correctly configured but the device or resource is not responding.

spyware, Dec 27, 8:41am
Obviously not possible to access router when computer is on a different subnet. Fix that first, i.e., change interface to receive IP address via DHCP. Before doing this record the static address, gateway, dns addresses as supplied by TCL. After doing this Internet access will not be available until router is configured etc.

spyware, Dec 27, 8:44am
Use ipconfig /all at shell prompt to determine if address has been assigned to computer.

joy1010, Dec 27, 8:59am
Not having much success. Thinks he will perhaps have to get someone to sort it out for him. Can you or perhaps anyone recommend someone looking for work who would do this.

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