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papariccardo, Dec 27, 8:41pm
I'm using mine on the 2degrees network, so I guess it's roaming much of the time. Seems to allow GPS, but no browsing. I have installed appkiller, but nothing else so far. What do you peeps recommend as 'must have' apps for this little cheapie? I bought it to teach me how to use Android, before getting a better unit later in the year. My son already wants to pinch it off me.

Also, I bought it with a free Vodafone connection pack, how do I claim my $200 call credit?

flewy, Dec 27, 9:10pm
i got the ideos and love it :) but the apps i have so far are Bluetooth ON/OFF, GPS ON/OFF, 2G-3G ON/OFF, App Killer, Flight Director Game LOL love that, WiFI ON/OFF and the various vibration meters to measure for aftershocks here in the shaky city :)

vtecintegra, Dec 27, 9:24pm
I'm using:
Aldiko (ebook reader)
Chrome to Phone (send urls, text etc from your pc to the phone)
Dropbox (sync files between many devices)
Google Reader (news reader)
Google Sky Map (shows where the stars)
Launcher Pro (home screen/app launcher replacement)
Google Listen (podcast player)
mPass (Air NZ booking app)
Shazam (music recogniser)
Tricorder (simulation of the classic Star Trek device)

flewy, Dec 27, 9:26pm
arcmedia to i got , gives the phone a better media player wityh more codec support.

vtecintegra, Dec 27, 9:29pm
I use Music Mod as the media player (built into the ROM I'm using but think you can get it from the market)

papariccardo, Dec 27, 9:47pm
Choice! Maybe I should give you fellas my phone for a day or 3, to tune it for me!

little_egypt, Dec 28, 1:21am

First things I loaded up:
GPS Test

I might take a look at some of the ones you mentioned too.

little_egypt, Dec 28, 1:28am
Also saw an ideos here for $170 buy-now (from a trader with lots of trades and 100% feedback) just after I bought mine. If you're patient there will probably be others.

papariccardo, Dec 28, 2:14am
Damn 2degrees gave them away willy-nilly, effectively slashing the value of them. I'm waiting to buy one from them direct for $200. Although, I understand if I buy one today and immediately load $150 credit, I get the phone for $150. Don't want to spend another $300 this week tho!

osymandias, Dec 28, 8:33am
wifi analyzer
Better Keyboard pro
Documents to Go paid
Retro Cam
Google sky
Miren Browser
Root Explorer
Better Terminal
Titanium Backup Pro
Barnacle Wifi
K9 Mail
Net Scan
tappatalk pro
VLC remote

That's the essentials to make android functional.

little_egypt, Dec 28, 8:47am
What's the safest/easiest way to get root? And how much risk is there of bricking the phone?

I found a howto but I'm a bit afraid to do it;

osymandias, Dec 28, 9:03am
sorry mt andy is x10, depends on each phone. But, zRoot / rageagainstthecage is a well documented, much used, hack; so it shouldn't be risky.

dino7, Dec 28, 9:07am
Sorry but mine really is just a toy and I'm losing interest in it, as i have a work phone and its a pain carry 2 around, i haven't had issues with the data usage as i get no mobile coverage at home so it can only use my wireless network. So it can use a 2degress sim? wonder if i will get a reception out here (15 mins from Hamilton:P) The best apps i have found are the built in gps and google sky oh and google translate is pretty cool, in fact great if going away. oh the cat app:P the spirit level lol ...........i have tried a few but the 'osy' essential list looks more than essential.
I'm going to try a few of the apps listed on here ..........if i can find the 845:)

flewy, Dec 28, 9:18am
is there any point to rooting it?? Doubt im brave enough LOL

little_egypt, Dec 28, 8:01pm
probably won't here either.There's a few things you need root for though. Can't run the screen shot app without it for example. I want dyndns and Saudi. Pretty sure I need root for those.

little_egypt, Dec 28, 9:53pm
Curious. If you put miren browser into bandwidth-saving mode all your traffic goes through a proxy in China, on an IP address used by the baidu search engine.

little_egypt, Dec 29, 1:50am
HOLY CRAP I did it!!!

Followed that howto (had to figure out a few things along the way, some of the steps are missing or not quite right) and now when I open a terminal and type 'su' it warns me that something is requesting root, and if I allow it I get a root prompt!

I was really sweating waiting for it to reboot after having upgraded busybox etc...

flewy, Dec 29, 3:56am
now what :)

little_egypt, Dec 29, 4:02am
Now I can take screenshots (without needing the USB cable and sdk) and I can back up all my installed apps.

Just about everything else I've wanted to do I don't need root for. I really only hacked it because it annoys me that I didn't have root.

flewy, Dec 29, 4:08am
lol, so all the screen shot apps i have seen need root??, not brave enough to do that yet , just got the thing,, and it'll be a wee while again before i have that money at my disposal... oh woooh is meeee

vtecintegra, Dec 29, 4:48am
The top section of that phone looks like a complete copy of my HTC - thought you must have been using one of them for a minute.

osymandias, Dec 29, 12:22pm
Yeah, the developers are Chinese, in B/width saving mode it will route the traffic through their servers which compress the bejeesus out of data. In settings you can put it to use that mode only on cellular and switch off when on wifi. This is what opera does as well, but you can't set it to do it only on cellular.

Yeah,chinese servers hmm... Oh well, I for one, welcome out new sino-ese overlords. Their data compression is quite amazing, AND Miren browser is miles ahead of other Android browsers.

osymandias, Dec 29, 12:29pm
SetCPU will make your battery go further, set governor to ondemand and min Hz to well... minimum.

Titanium Backup will backup your apps, settings, and user data to SDcard - handy if you want to restore them after firmware flash. Unlike iOS, android lacks a built in backup/restore function for these things. So, if you don't have root, get ready to a lot of painful reloading of apps, settings and data after OS upgrades. Plus, you can use it to strip out the bloatware that came with your phone.

Root Explorer - Lets you get at the system partition easily.

dino7, Dec 29, 12:42pm
i'd want to make the CPU slower?

lostdude, Dec 29, 7:27pm
Which phone are you referring to as costing $200? As I understand it, you purchase $150 credit which gets loaded onto the phone (or your existing sim) and then total price is discounted accordingly. So if the phone costs $300, you pay $300 and get $150 credit with it.


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