Can you use a sky dish to get freeview?

satisfire, Dec 28, 9:54am
I have built in freeview no uhf aerial and no sky just the dish up there plus the other aerials. is it as simple as changing the sky plug? sorry for the dumbquestions. if not could I simply buy the freeview box?

princelee, Dec 28, 9:58am
if you have built in freeview then you need a uhf aerial as the freeview which is built into your tv is freeview hd which runs off a uhf aerial. In order to use your sky dish for freeview you will need a freeview sd box.

vitaminh, Dec 28, 10:00am
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jasongroves, Dec 28, 10:02am
What 'other aerials' do you have? You may already have a UHF one.
If you are in a decent reception area then you could use an indoor UHF aerial from DSE or freeviewshop.

jasongroves, Dec 28, 10:04am

silver-trader, Dec 28, 10:07am
You can use the sky dish to get freeview. There are two different types:

DVB-T (digital terrestrial) - This is the one with the UHF aerial, and

DVB-S (digital satellite) - This is the dish version of freeview.

The only built in freeview TVs i have come across only works with the aerial.

You could get a freeview box to plug into the tv using the satellite dish but make sure it is a DVB-S Digital satellite box.

satisfire, Dec 28, 10:07am
not sure what other aerials I have up there, at the moment I can get 1 2 3 4 and a very snowy prime often no prime at all. I think im in a decent reception area (brookfield tauranga up quite high). so i either need the uhf aerial or the receiver box?

jasongroves, Dec 28, 10:09am
Your TV already has the receiver built in, so you need a UHF aerial.

jasongroves, Dec 28, 10:14am
You can check here for Freeview coverage in your area:

missy_chester, Dec 28, 10:20am
Might pay to price your options before you make a decision. Especially if you have to fork out $s for a uhf aerial. I also have a TV with built in freeview which doesn't work in my area (even with a uhf aerial. It's just not available in some areas) so I bought a cheap freeview box and just connected it to the old sky dish. I used that for over a year before I recently had sky installed. I bought a splitter so that I can be recording something on sky and still watch TV1,2,3,4 etc on the freeview. It's quite convieniant.

jasongroves, Dec 28, 10:23am
Thats why you check the coverage areas first;)

charles.j, Dec 28, 10:23am
some dishes will support freeview, some might not. However it's safe to guess that they can.

I only found this out the other day. Apparently some dishes don't support the MHZ range

gasaxe, Dec 28, 10:33am
Try the freeview first. I have a dish and the old analogue sky antenna. I connected my tv with built in freeview and it worked. I have no UHF aerial at all but get good reception on the North Shore in Auckland.

biker_69, Dec 29, 9:32pm
The 'old' Sky antenna... is a UHF aerial... at least, that's what I had when I last had Sky in about '94.

spyware, Dec 29, 10:00pm
Sky analog was UHF. Sky don't have there own special bands. Trackside even shared the same UHF frequency that Discovery used and is still received by any analog TV without any special decoder.

Sky will also be getting 4 x DVB-T muxes in the UHF spectrum after analog free to air shuts down.

spyware, Dec 29, 10:17pm
You want a horizontally polarised UHF antenna pointing at Te Aroha. Currently you receive TV1/2 with a vertically polarised VHF antenna from Te Aroha. TV3/C4 comes from a different site.

Satellite (DVB-S mpeg2) freeview is highly compressed meaning poor image quality, certainly no better than Sky's standard definition satellite offering which is also poor in my opinion. Freeview HD (DVB-T H.264) is vastly superior with TV1/2/3 in 1080i so you should choose the UHF aerial.

gsimpson, Dec 30, 12:01am
If you have a Sky dish just use that with a freeview satellite decoder. Helped my brother install one from the Warehouse a couple of days ago. Just plugged the cable from Sky dish in (same fitting). AV cable into TV. Power on. Just needed to reboot decoder with switch on back.
It automatically found the dish settings. Scanned for channels and updated itself. Easiest install I have ever done.

guest, Jun 9, 6:44pm
hi can i use my old sky plus dish to use my freeview bow in yeovil somerset

jim, Jun 25, 2:14pm
I have a wolsey amplifier used for my television. I now changed to freesat via sat dish. can I still use my amplifier to boost my signal which is weak? and should I use the VHF or UHF connection on the amplifier?

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