Can someone pls tell me about telecoms CDMA vs XT?

fingersjnr, Dec 30, 8:14am
I'm just not sure about what each of these mean?I know the CDMA is the old telecom network and XT is the new telecom network but thats about it?I am a bit of a 'pleb' when it comes to this stuff.
The reason I'm asking is that I am on the CDMA network but am wanting to get a new phone and read somewhere that not all cell phones 'go' on both networks, is this correct?
Also is one network better than another?
TIA :)

spyware, Dec 30, 8:40am
CDMA is obsolete so simply forget about it. No new phones work on old network

charles.j, Dec 30, 8:54am

profink, Dec 30, 10:26am
Telecom XT (New) = W-CDMA (UMTS): Telecom Mobile (Old) = CDMA:

Basically, Telecom built a new mobile network based on a new/different technology. The new network (XT) provides faster mobile internet speeds, far superior global roaming, more flexibility with the use of SIM cards.

The old CDMA based network, will be closed some time after 2012. Telecom only sell handsets for the new network, so If you are looking at a new phone, it's probably best to re assess your needs and look at all the cell providers or migrate to XT (there is no set up charge for current Telecom customers). Your number can be ported to any of the providers these days so you don't have to worry about loosing it.

A LOT of questions can be answered from this forum thread here:

fingersjnr, Dec 30, 6:44pm
Thanks everyone for your help, it makes it clearer now :)

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