KEYLOGGERS?? need some advice

hapukanz, Dec 31, 1:58am

My mate downloaded a key logger detector only to find out that is was actually a key logger in disguise LOL.
But got me thinking and thought I would scan all the computers on our network ( 3 desktops and 4 laptops) for possible keyloggers?

Can anyone recommend a good keylogger detector that can scan over a network. preferably one that is NOT a key logger in disguise?
One that someone has actually used. I can do a search but am concerned that they might not be what they say they are?

r.g.nixon, Dec 31, 2:13am
Emsisoft antimalware? I think it would only check mapped shared network folders though. Run it on each computer in Safe Mode.

hapukanz, Dec 31, 2:18am
I have malwarebytes running will see if that can do a network sweep

But I was under the impression that keyloggers were often NOT picked up by 'normal' spyware Av malware etc.

I was assuiming that a dedicated keylogger checker was needed??

jcmp21, Dec 31, 2:23am
I have seen a lot of keyloggers not picked up by anything at all. It maybe easier to format and start again. Of course you could go all CSI on it and perhaps watch the network traffic for anyone data being sent homeetc, pretty boring and time consuming though

hapukanz, Dec 31, 2:27am
yeah well not keen on formatting 2 desktops and 4 laptops!!!!

Will see what is out there... was hoping for someone who had used keylogger detector software and could recommend one?

pkm66, Dec 31, 6:44am
easy, charge your mate the full cost of a backup and recovery. If hes into clicking on dodgy stuff tell him to atleast do it in a virtual machine.

If you do anything important like credit card payments and internet banking how could you trust the same machine? Take a risk if you like...
if you have the actual exe you could upload it to a site that checks it with multiple AV etc and may tell you what evil lurks inside

a keylogger is only part of a possible malicious malware package.

You would have to use wireshark or similar to store all traffic for atleast a week to be sure you didnt miss it. Then you would have to know what to look for,ie an encrypted email attachment.

mobile7-auck, Dec 31, 10:56am
just reformat the shit and get on with it.. easy

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