I updated adobe and java then pc spy doctor.....

whaea_raranga, Jan 1, 9:54am
it froze for ages so I held downnow the power button till it went off now my lappy turns itself off and on.....plus the pc spy doctor said I had trojens and worms etc so as it scanned I was putting them in quaranteen and blocking them, help???????????????//

sunshine60, Jan 1, 10:09am
PC Spy Doctor? is this something you installed on purpose? or has this just come up?

whaea_raranga, Jan 1, 11:15am
I installed it on purpose because I had viruses and thought I could clean my lappy up

ropes2, Jan 1, 11:28am
Is this what you installed? If so, this is safe.


If it wasnt this, can you post the link to what you did install?

whaea_raranga, Jan 1, 7:51pm
it was ashampoo's anti-malware try for free

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